A New and Improved Farce

Mr. Wray’s personal blog, which until recently had a post that was pretty critical of this site, now has up in its place his slide presentation that accuses Gabe Santos of some shady dealings. While attempting to give this presentation at a city council meeting, then mayor Roger Lange mercifully cut him off, as it was obvious that the slide was going to be more of the same hate speech that Mr. Wray claims to be so opposed to. (You can watch the video here.) The cheering from the audience when Wray was cut off is a pretty clear indication of how well regarded his opinions are to most people in Longmont.

A couple things should be mentioned here. First, just as an FYI, this is the same incident that Mr. Wray continues to bring up from time to time when he says “his first amendment rights were trampled”. Actually, no they weren’t. One can say pretty much what one wants, and Mr. Wray still had the opportunity to make his concerns public. Mayor Lange rightfully ended this diatribe before it got into personal attacks during a council meeting. To say your first amendment rights were taken away as a result of said incident is, well, a big reach.

Secondly, Mr. Wray references “let the attacks begin” in an email from Gabe Santos as if Mr. Santos is proclaiming “we shall begin OUR attack now!”. Unfortunately for Mr. Wray, he completely misunderstood the context of the email, in which Mr. Santos was referencing an article from Kaye Fissinger, who herself had actually launched her own attack. As a result, Mr. Wray’s entire presentation was based on false inferences, so it was probably a good thing Mayor Lange stopped him before he got too far publicly with his incorrect assumptions.

Privatization and Its Effect on the US Deficit


Apparently for some reason this story still seems to be causing grief with another local blogger.  My only intent was to make a point about how data can be skewed, but it really isn’t worth keeping around anymore, as it is over a year old.  No big deal.  🙂



Getting the horns

It seems I struck a nerve when I called out Mr. Wray in my last post about being a troll. Seems I can’t follow “the rules” of his site (which essentially say “either nod your head in agreement and call the other side childish names, or we won’t post your comments”). So just to set the record straight, I figured I’d respond here, where “the rules” are a little more lenient.

Mr. Wray, you seem to accuse anyone who disagrees with you as part of an orchestrated attack by “the ruling four and their minions”. This helps illustrate why so many of your ramblings can’t be taken seriously. Anyone who disagrees with you is not necessarily part of the group you constantly bring up as trying to silence you. I wholeheartedly disagree with much of your website and wish to respond to some of it where my comments won’t be deleted outright or edited so blatantly that they don’t convey my point. Previous attempts to engage in a little friendly debate were unfortunately not accepted. I’m not associated with anyone but myself, and my opinion of you personally is based on how you’ve treated me personally. Your bet on who is running this site is….WRONG.

And yep, I’m anonymous. Frankly, I don’t need any of your extended family (who own guns and know lots of people who own guns) on my case. I notice you don’t seem to hold people who agree with your opinions to the same anonymity standard as you hold everyone else. Hmmmm….

I’m really looking forward to the next election season. And thank you, Mr. Wray, for taking the time to state your opinion. 🙂

The Ann Myers debate

Free Range Longmont has posted this copy of a story regarding Ann Myers, the girl who has challenged Michele Bachmann to a constitution debate. As usual, Douglas Wray is making such generic statements about tea party members that one cannot take him as anything but a troll. While it is truly a shame that this girl is being threatened because of this challenge she made, the people making these threats are not the mainstream party loyals. I am also quite sure that council member Katie Witt does NOT agree with the tactics of her “pals”, and I’m sure Mr. Wray knows this as well, yet he still found it necessary to write blatant falsehoods against a council member with whom he disagrees.

When one has to resort to such generalizations and name calling, it makes it very difficult to take that person seriously. However, since these comments are posted on Free Range Longmont, Mr. Wray has a captive audience and will not post any critical responses to his comments. What is really ironic is that Mr. Wray himself has refused to debate any of the articles that he’s copied and commented on on his site, and that tells most people all they need to know.