The Ann Myers debate

Free Range Longmont has posted this copy of a story regarding Ann Myers, the girl who has challenged Michele Bachmann to a constitution debate. As usual, Douglas Wray is making such generic statements about tea party members that one cannot take him as anything but a troll. While it is truly a shame that this girl is being threatened because of this challenge she made, the people making these threats are not the mainstream party loyals. I am also quite sure that council member Katie Witt does NOT agree with the tactics of her “pals”, and I’m sure Mr. Wray knows this as well, yet he still found it necessary to write blatant falsehoods against a council member with whom he disagrees.

When one has to resort to such generalizations and name calling, it makes it very difficult to take that person seriously. However, since these comments are posted on Free Range Longmont, Mr. Wray has a captive audience and will not post any critical responses to his comments. What is really ironic is that Mr. Wray himself has refused to debate any of the articles that he’s copied and commented on on his site, and that tells most people all they need to know.


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