Getting the horns

It seems I struck a nerve when I called out Mr. Wray in my last post about being a troll. Seems I can’t follow “the rules” of his site (which essentially say “either nod your head in agreement and call the other side childish names, or we won’t post your comments”). So just to set the record straight, I figured I’d respond here, where “the rules” are a little more lenient.

Mr. Wray, you seem to accuse anyone who disagrees with you as part of an orchestrated attack by “the ruling four and their minions”. This helps illustrate why so many of your ramblings can’t be taken seriously. Anyone who disagrees with you is not necessarily part of the group you constantly bring up as trying to silence you. I wholeheartedly disagree with much of your website and wish to respond to some of it where my comments won’t be deleted outright or edited so blatantly that they don’t convey my point. Previous attempts to engage in a little friendly debate were unfortunately not accepted. I’m not associated with anyone but myself, and my opinion of you personally is based on how you’ve treated me personally. Your bet on who is running this site is….WRONG.

And yep, I’m anonymous. Frankly, I don’t need any of your extended family (who own guns and know lots of people who own guns) on my case. I notice you don’t seem to hold people who agree with your opinions to the same anonymity standard as you hold everyone else. Hmmmm….

I’m really looking forward to the next election season. And thank you, Mr. Wray, for taking the time to state your opinion. 🙂


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