A New and Improved Farce

Mr. Wray’s personal blog, which until recently had a post that was pretty critical of this site, now has up in its place his slide presentation that accuses Gabe Santos of some shady dealings. While attempting to give this presentation at a city council meeting, then mayor Roger Lange mercifully cut him off, as it was obvious that the slide was going to be more of the same hate speech that Mr. Wray claims to be so opposed to. (You can watch the video here.) The cheering from the audience when Wray was cut off is a pretty clear indication of how well regarded his opinions are to most people in Longmont.

A couple things should be mentioned here. First, just as an FYI, this is the same incident that Mr. Wray continues to bring up from time to time when he says “his first amendment rights were trampled”. Actually, no they weren’t. One can say pretty much what one wants, and Mr. Wray still had the opportunity to make his concerns public. Mayor Lange rightfully ended this diatribe before it got into personal attacks during a council meeting. To say your first amendment rights were taken away as a result of said incident is, well, a big reach.

Secondly, Mr. Wray references “let the attacks begin” in an email from Gabe Santos as if Mr. Santos is proclaiming “we shall begin OUR attack now!”. Unfortunately for Mr. Wray, he completely misunderstood the context of the email, in which Mr. Santos was referencing an article from Kaye Fissinger, who herself had actually launched her own attack. As a result, Mr. Wray’s entire presentation was based on false inferences, so it was probably a good thing Mayor Lange stopped him before he got too far publicly with his incorrect assumptions.


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