Regarding this post, which reveals a mic left on and picking up some NC republicans strategizing how to handle a redistricting provision in a closed door budget meeting. The summary of the article states:

“Well, there it is, collusion to interfere in the operation of government. Every last one of these crimminals should be arrested and tried for violating their oath to the voters of North Carolina. This kind of activity does not support the people, it supports an agenda – and a crimminal one at that.”

In addition, the poster gives us his definition of “obfuscate” – to make obscure, be evasive or purposely confusing. Standard GOP strategy.

First of all, how embarrassing that these remarks were caught on a mic and made public. It certainly doesn’t do much to improve one’s trust of politicians. But is anyone else actually naive enough to believe that this is something only republicans do? A quote from a prominent democratic former president comes to mind: “That depends what your definition of “is” is”. Maybe the John Edwards affair? (no pun intended) Politics is in a sad state, and unfortunately obfuscation runs rampant across both sides of the aisle. Do I condone it? Nope. But again, the poster here displays an uncanny ability to come to conclusions that are well beyond what any rational person would ever consider, and he paints these shortcomings to be exclusive traits of the right. “Collusion to interfere in the operation of government”?? Riiiight. And if you arrest these “crimminals” (I guess spell check was broken) for this egregious obfuscation of procedural transparency, you would have no one left in the government (again, no pun intended).

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