Who is the liar?

Another article on FRL by Kaye Fissinger that is, well, completely untrue. Miss Fissinger quotes Andy Borowitz in her article and says:

“Gov. (Rick) Perry (of Texas) said that he hoped to bring down the cost of the federal government the same way he reined in costs in Texas, ‘by making the state no longer habitable for human life as we know it.’” Rick Perry will be running on the slogan, “What Harm Could a Governor of Texas Do?”

She goes on to quote the WaPo: “Our opponents on the left are never going to like us, so let’s quit trying to curry favor with them,”

The WaPo quote can indeed be attributed to Perry. The Borowitz quote, though…not so much. Miss Fissinger, do you realize that this quote is on the same page as an article entitled “Weiner Resigns; Will Run for Prime Minister of Italy”? Do you realize that the site from which you quoted is a parody site? Yet you are lumping these parody quotes in with actual quotes, like the parody is being serious?

As usual, the hypocrisy is on full display here. Miss Fissinger just wrote an article in which she accused Gabe Santos of being a liar, but the same week she also posts blatantly untrue information about Rick Perry. I will refrain from the same name calling that Miss Fissinger engages in, because maybe she truly just doesn’t get it. In that case, I’m sure her article will be amended to point out that half of her citations are fictitious, and she will apologize for misleading her followers. Stay tuned, as I will be the first to commend her for admitting she made a mistake and doing the right thing to correct it.

3 Responses to Who is the liar?

  1. Ahh, so it comes to light that Miss Fissinger intentionally intermingled the satire with the true statement in her post. Not the best way to get anyone to actually take any of your writing seriously, but then again I don’t get the sense that anyone posting to FRL is really trying to rationally debate anyone.

    And Mr. Wray….you may stop trying to lump anything you see written here with “Mayor Baum’s smear machine”. As I’ve said many times, I’m part of no conspiracy…these are my thoughts and clarifications, done at my own free will. But I understand why you are so paranoid.

  2. Chucklehead says:

    LOL. Dougy hates everyone, welcome to the party.

  3. The funny thing about FRL is that they love to twist things around to make sense of what they want to believe. For instance, the whole “let the attacks begin” campaign that Doug Wray has tried to “prove” was a way for Gabe Santos to tell his supporters to go on the aggressive, when in fact he was goading the left to get on with the attacks that were imminent. Using their own logic, the tweet from Wray that says “Fireworks in store for the next city council election” must qualify as a threat, no?

    The great thing about the left is, they love to stalk and don’t realize when you play with them – you KNOW they’re reading this, so you can write things directed just to them and they’ll blow up and blog and tweet endlessly about what they read, even though what is said is in jest. Take for instance a tweet I made about the desire for Kaye Fissinger to sell her affordable home and move – this of course was a joke directed purely at Wray, Fiss and any other Progressive stalkers who endlessly track my tweets and then comment about them elsewhere. I have what? 14 local friends who follow me on Twitter and a handful of friends who live elsewhere so ultimately no one really reads those, except the stalkers. Of course, they don’t realize it’s all a big joke and I write those tweets just to see the crazy reaction that comes from Wray et al.

    Just watch, they’ll try and make it some big campaign issue, some way to try and smear my husband (as if I’m his policy maker…as if he doesn’t make his own decisions and formulate his own thoughts…so pathetic, but maybe that’s how things are run in the Wray household so he doesn’t know any other way?). And when they do – because you know they will, they’ll set themselves up again to be ridiculed in the TC by their own side, just as was done to Kaye back when she started the REAL mud slinging in the paper and at council.

    Really, it would be sad if it weren’t so funny, to see a group of 10-12 people who are SO driven by the extreme Progressive agenda that they can’t see the forest for the trees and can’t see when they’re being worked like a puppet – it’s like I can pick any subject, send a tweet and can get them whipped in to a frothing at the mouth kind of frenzy within hours. So just be prepared – they’ll start stalking you too…they’re obsessed…and you know what happens to obsessed people, they can go over the edge easily, so watch your back.

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