Taking over the City Council!!

Apparently I’m an extremist now in this poster’s eyes on macwebguru.com:

“Now the extremists are at it again with yet another (anonymous of course!) site clawing desperately for relevance, linking to articles on FreeRangeLongmont.com as well as my personal political blog. They claim they want a discussion but so far all they’ve done is try and spin the evidence that Gabe Santos was very obviously running a hard-core smear campaign with the help of some of Longmont’s most powerful right-wing partisans including two past mayors and the pastor of LifeBridge church Rick Rusaw.

The PowerPoint presentation has all the evidence a thinking person needs to see that Mr. Santos had built a powerful cabal dead-set on taking over the Longmont City Council. Of course the new ‘discussion’ site neglected to include the link. Golly… there’s some intellectual honesty. Very likely the site’s owner (whomever it is) got banned from commenting at FreeRangeLongmont.com for failing to follow the commenting guidelines. The Times-Call may allow anonymous attacks but FRL does not.”

Yes Mr. Wray, I’d love to have some intelligent debate with some of the posters on your site, but have thus far been unsuccessful. That’s ok, I’m still available here. 🙂

And the link you mention that I “neglected to include” was not included because I was not aware that such a link existed. I linked to your rant at the City Council meeting (which showed most of your slide show), and I figured that was enough for people to see where you were coming from. Intellectual dishonesty? Sorry to disappoint you. It still dumbfounds me how anyone would come to the same conclusion you did about Gabe Santos’ meaning in his email, but since accepting the correct interpretation would pretty much blow a hole through a lot of your corruption charges, I guess I can see why you are clinging to your opinion so tightly.

One other paragraph was kind of interesting:
“Well, I have to say I’m flattered that Longmont’s Lunatic Fringers have clearly set aside funds just to attack myself and Kaye Fissinger. It’s how I know we’re having an effect and helping to wake up Longmont to the extremist takeover and rape of Longmont.”

I’m not sure if this is a reference to LongmontResponds, but I do tend to be pretty critical of Mr. Wray and Ms. Fissinger on here, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it were. Assuming that to be the case (which I admit is just my assumption), then I’d just like to say that 1) NO funds have been set aside in the creation of this site or the time used to post on it, and 2) This site wasn’t started as a result of being woken up to the extremist takeover and rape of Longmont. It was started for just one reason…to respond to misconceptions and opinions that I believe were interpreted incorrectly or needed clarification, because respectful disagreement was not being tolerated elsewhere.

Hope you have a great day, and happy campaign 2012!


2 Responses to Taking over the City Council!!

  1. YAG says:

    In addition to his tiresome story rehasing that a respected councilman’s e-mails appeared to incite attacks, Mr Wray likes to go on and on about how the Boulder County prosecutor didn’t consider him a threat in a recent case against him and how no charges have been brought against him. Yet, he neglects to mention that the Longmont Police Dept actually presented a case to the Boulder County prosecutor. Unlikely that they would have done that if they didn’t feel they had a presentable case.

    He whines repeatedly about how people are anonymous. There’s a reason for that. It’s called “The Politics of Personal Destruction”. A phrase I’ve heard that Kaye Fissinger herself used publicly a few years back during a council meeting. One that members of the lock step rabid left in Longmont carry out in attempts to discredit valid arguments by citizens who aren’t of the same political affiliation as they are.

    Mr Wray likes to play victim and play the sympathy card that people are still talking about someone no longer in his life, but fails to mention that particular person was formerly an active contributor to attacking members of this community. Sometimes “bygones can’t be bygones” when it gets to the level that it did.

    No worries though, while neither of these two individuals or their political group at 723Main are perceived as a “political threat” as he likes to boast, as in the past with the now deleted Muskrat Hunt and Yourhub.com Longmont comments, and the verbal assault by Kaye Fissinger recently at a city council meeting during a council break (that thankfully was recorded by the council camera)…the new posts mentioning guns on FRL and the broken links to now missing posts hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  2. YAG says:

    I’d like to also add that no one paid me to write my previous comment nor anything I’ve ever written about local politics. I always laugh when I read that.

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