May I Have Your Attention Please – This Site is Not Officially Endorsed By the City of Longmont!

For the hard of hearing, let me repeat…Longmont Responds is in no way, shape or form associated with the city of Longmont or any employees thereof. The fact that there is a picture of a city building on here means nothing more than “this site primarily discusses issues that are on the minds of people in Longmont”. I thought this would be obvious, but there is still at least one who doesn’t get it. If the city really had a problem with it, I’d take it down. Mr. Wray, if you have a problem with it, get some thicker skin.

For the record, the entire article was not copied…these were pertinent snips of text that were being responded to (whence “Longmont RESPONDS”). I got a chuckle when I realized that Mr. Wray turned me in for posting snips and stating exactly where that came from. Apparently “fair use” only applies to those he wants it to apply to. That article was actually printed in the Times Call, so I could have just as easily have copied snippets from there. But to more quickly alleviate Mr. Wray’s temper tantrum, I’ve taken the quotes out so I can resume the responding that this site was intended to do. It really isn’t a big deal, if that is the way he wants to play.

Those clips weren’t posted b/c I didn’t think the law applied to me. I just failed to realize how truly bitter and desperate you were to try to silence someone who disagrees with you. I’m new to the whole blog scene, so I’ll just chalk it up to my giving people more credit for rationality than I should. Oh well, lesson learned. I’ll try to be more careful next time.

And Mr. Wray, I’ve mentioned this I don’t know how many times, but I’m not the mayor, nor his wife, nor any other official of the city, nor any other blogger that you tend to snipe at so frequently. No one has any say about what I post except for me. I disagree with many of your views, and you’ve not offered me the opportunity to respond to your articles on your site, so I made this one to allow myself and anyone else the chance to respond to anything they see anywhere that primarily (but not exclusively) deals with Longmont issues. You say I’ve desperately spun stories about Mayor Baum. Again, I have to laugh, because I can’t think of a better example of the pot calling the kettle black. Mayor Baum tends to be big news for your site, spun in your own way, so naturally I’m going to counter those spins the best I can. Not a coincidence at all, I just don’t agree with you. Why does it surprise you that there are others besides the mayor and his wife that disagree with you? Where on earth have I ever claimed to speak for the city or people of Longmont? I have to remind you of this almost every other post, and I think you are the only one who believes that. Believe it, and try to accept it this time…I’m my own “extremist” (to quote you, I hope that doesn’t violate any of your copyrights), completely unassociated with the mayor. And as for anonymity…I invite you to reread my previous post on the subject.

I’d love to hear from you directly, Mr. Wray, instead of you running to WP about trivial matters like the one you’ve described. All you had to do was ask…I would have responded. That’s what I do. 🙂

Disclaimer – This site, anything written on it, and any pictures posted here are not endorsed by the city of Longmont nor any of its officials or their wives.

Elect Mccoy

Apparently there is a newer Twitter account @ElectMcCoy which is supposed to be the account of councilman Sean McCoy. Some of the more recent tweets have been:

“How are we ever going to get a viable City Manager Candidate to replace Gordon with a bully like Baum running off at the mouth like he does.”
“Baum still the bully of Longmont and now I hear his bulling of a young mother and city employee has gone viral on the internet, great”
“Baum’s whining and mean-spiritedness regarding Kaiser issue was despicable he offered no solutions as to how to pay for the +.5M difference.”

These were picked up by numerous blogs and twitter accounts that have been critical of McCoy. I have to say, something sure doesn’t seem right to me here. I know McCoy and Mayor Baum have had their differences and even spats in the past, but I find it very difficult to believe that Councilman Sean McCoy himself would actually tweet the above statements publicly. I will readily admit I’ve seen many instances of questionable behavior towards those he disagrees with in city council meetings, but I would like to believe that as uncalled for as some of those occasions have been, not even Sean McCoy would sink to the level of the statements above. They sound like something straight out of FRL, not something that a councilman running for re-election would make public. I would be interested in hearing McCoy himself admit to making those statements and actually being the one who updates that Twitter account. Maybe I can catch him at the next city council meeting….

Skydiving Event

Just got word that Mile Hi Skydiving is hosting an event August 26-28 to link 70 skydivers. First I’ve heard about this event…sounds like it could be a spectacular sight. Anyone have any more information on this? Why is it three days long?


In light of some recent FRL postings, the time seemed right, again, to clear a couple of things up.

Ah, the dreaded anonymity. I would like to remind (or more appropriately educate) Mr. Wray that anonymity does not equal dishonesty. And conversely, not being anonymous does not guarantee honesty. Many falsehoods have been printed on your site under real names, and I gladly challenge you to point out any dishonest posts of mine on my blog. The people of Longmont ARE looking closely at who is writing things…and the majority of us realize that if your name is on it, it is probably severely slanted, if not outright untrue. For example….

WordPress. Sorry, I stumbled on this one myself. The fact that you are a fan of it too is just an unfortunate coincidence.

Regarding anonymity is cowardice, and being afraid if they use their real names they’ll be targeted” – Kaye Fissinger herself said she felt targeted recently, and knowing what I know of her, it has nothing to do with “The real extremists in America are the heavily-armed far right”. Sorry, but you can’t pigeonhole deranged lunatics that way (well, perhaps YOU can, but again, it’s untrue and dishonest). Which one of your Facebook family members “has guns” again? Is he a heavily armed right wing extremist?

And you are absolutely right…people SHOULD look closely at who is saying what, and we know to use caution when it comes from you. I’m certainly no Lone Ranger nor alone nor deranged. I’m quite curious to know what you think MY agenda is, though, because other than sharing some views of some of your biggest admirers, I have no dog in the Longmont political scene. While you fear anonymity, I’m no fan of hypocrisy, and this is the forum I use to shine a light on it and clear up any honest (and not so honest) mistakes with respect to information that is published.

Lamborn’s Statement Was Not Racist

Some of the latest hype making news lately is the “racial slur” uttered by Rep Doug Lamborn. His quote was:

“Even if some people say the republicans should have done this or they should have done that, they will hold the president responsible. Now I don’t even want to have to be associated with him. It’s like touching a TAR BABY and you get it, you’re stuck, and you’re a part of the problem now and you can’t get away.”

Pardon me while I unroll my eyes from the back of my head. Yes, I get it that “tar baby” can be used as a racial slur. I also get that there is another legitimate definition for it that means simply “a sticky situation”. Why must the PC police automatically make the jump to “since Lamborn was discussing the policies of a man who is part black, and he used that term to demonstrate the danger of being associated with those policies, then that means he had racial intent when he spoke it”? Only Lamborn knows his true feelings. Hell, maybe he really is racist. But sorry, trying to make anything more sinister out of the above comment is irresponsible, and probably hurting race relations more than simply taking it for what he really meant and leaving it at that. Clearly there was no racial intent in what he said. Time to move on.