In light of some recent FRL postings, the time seemed right, again, to clear a couple of things up.

Ah, the dreaded anonymity. I would like to remind (or more appropriately educate) Mr. Wray that anonymity does not equal dishonesty. And conversely, not being anonymous does not guarantee honesty. Many falsehoods have been printed on your site under real names, and I gladly challenge you to point out any dishonest posts of mine on my blog. The people of Longmont ARE looking closely at who is writing things…and the majority of us realize that if your name is on it, it is probably severely slanted, if not outright untrue. For example….

WordPress. Sorry, I stumbled on this one myself. The fact that you are a fan of it too is just an unfortunate coincidence.

Regarding anonymity is cowardice, and being afraid if they use their real names they’ll be targeted” – Kaye Fissinger herself said she felt targeted recently, and knowing what I know of her, it has nothing to do with “The real extremists in America are the heavily-armed far right”. Sorry, but you can’t pigeonhole deranged lunatics that way (well, perhaps YOU can, but again, it’s untrue and dishonest). Which one of your Facebook family members “has guns” again? Is he a heavily armed right wing extremist?

And you are absolutely right…people SHOULD look closely at who is saying what, and we know to use caution when it comes from you. I’m certainly no Lone Ranger nor alone nor deranged. I’m quite curious to know what you think MY agenda is, though, because other than sharing some views of some of your biggest admirers, I have no dog in the Longmont political scene. While you fear anonymity, I’m no fan of hypocrisy, and this is the forum I use to shine a light on it and clear up any honest (and not so honest) mistakes with respect to information that is published.


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