Elect Mccoy

Apparently there is a newer Twitter account @ElectMcCoy which is supposed to be the account of councilman Sean McCoy. Some of the more recent tweets have been:

“How are we ever going to get a viable City Manager Candidate to replace Gordon with a bully like Baum running off at the mouth like he does.”
“Baum still the bully of Longmont and now I hear his bulling of a young mother and city employee has gone viral on the internet, great”
“Baum’s whining and mean-spiritedness regarding Kaiser issue was despicable he offered no solutions as to how to pay for the +.5M difference.”

These were picked up by numerous blogs and twitter accounts that have been critical of McCoy. I have to say, something sure doesn’t seem right to me here. I know McCoy and Mayor Baum have had their differences and even spats in the past, but I find it very difficult to believe that Councilman Sean McCoy himself would actually tweet the above statements publicly. I will readily admit I’ve seen many instances of questionable behavior towards those he disagrees with in city council meetings, but I would like to believe that as uncalled for as some of those occasions have been, not even Sean McCoy would sink to the level of the statements above. They sound like something straight out of FRL, not something that a councilman running for re-election would make public. I would be interested in hearing McCoy himself admit to making those statements and actually being the one who updates that Twitter account. Maybe I can catch him at the next city council meeting….

2 Responses to Elect Mccoy

  1. The family photo attached to the profile appears (by the credentials) to have been taken at the National League of Cities conference. I would guess this photo isn’t one that could be readily found and taken from the web so it either is Sean’s personal account (my guess) or he sent someone this picture and they used it to create an account that can be used against him in his re-election bid (pretty far fetched to think that would happen). Yes, he IS stupid enough to put those tweets out there and think that only his supporters would find out about it.

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