First City Council Candidates Debate

Sure wish I’d been able to attend the debate last week, but unfortunately I had to watch it on video (which would have been a lot easier had I not been banned from the one site on which I saw it posted, but obviously I made it happen 😉 ). “Gardener” on the Times Call article about the debate had some great observations about the candidates (again, these are public comments on the Times Call site from Gardener, so hopefully no one’s panties are going to be in a bunch for my posting them over here too):

John Daniels – Poor kid, it was fascinating to watch him comprehend the difference between being “against” something versus being “for” something. Kudos to him for making this effort. (from LongmontResponds: I agree, it was hard to watch him answer questions, and he really looked like he was in over his head most of the time. I also respect the effort, but he is not yet ready for prime time).

Brian Hansen – don’t you know, campaign funding is the root of all evils. Watch out Brian, you are in danger of becoming a nag. But – very polite – the best at respecting the time limits. (from LR: Hansen has certainly been very vocal about campaign funding ever since the last election, and Gardener is right, it is going to bite him before too long. And definitely a calm speaker, I have to give him that. It doesn’t seem, though, that his heart is truly in it. More like he feels obligated to run. And though I’ve never tried to contact him, I’ve heard all of the complaints from people who have tried to contact him and have never gotten a response. That’s a little bothersome to me, but maybe he has his reasons. Maybe I’ll ask him that next time I get to talk to him in person).

Suzzane Painter – Bold, Brash, Confident, this single mom is ready to leave her high school child and another home alone in pursuit of the glory of local politics – Longmont’s version of Sarah Palin? (from LR: Still not certain about her, but she does seem very confident in herself, and I mean that in a very complimentary way. I still need to review her positions on a few things before I can make a decision about her).

Paul Tiger – if elected, could become the fulcrum on the council – the tie-breaker that is not constrained by groupthink from either side. Interesting…. (from LR: I’ve grown to like Paul Tiger. I think he has tended to speak sometimes just for the sake of letting the public know that he has an opinion, and some of his opinions are not ones that I would support, but he is a very smart guy and doesn’t seem to be the overreacting emotional type. And because he doesn’t seem to think in lockstep with either side, he definitely would make the new makeup of council…interesting).

Dennis Coombs -Fella seems nice, but generally if you have to repeatedly tell people what skill you have, chances are, you don’t. The comment about folks needing to walk more hardly reflects “great people skills”. (from LR: Dennis Coombs seems a little too “pie in the sky” for my liking. To me, he is too much “let’s all help the world and we can all get along” mentality, and I think many of the things he says he’ll work towards are not realistic goals. I give him credit for his heart being in the right place…I truly believe he wants to do what is best for his city, but I think the ways he wants to improve things just won’t work well).

Sarah Levison – prepared as always, give her an “A”. Still needs to work on that “tell a story in 5 words or less” concept. (from LR: Definitely long winded, but also smart as hell. I think she has always had some very strong opinions about things, and many times those opinions doesn’t have enough votes to go anywhere, which has to be incredibly frustrating, but to her credit, I don’t see her flying off the handle all that often in council meetings. If I actually agreed with her vision and direction for the city, I think she would be a very powerful ally, but she is pretty much on the complete opposite side of the fence on everything that I believe in).

Ron Gallegos – definitely experienced. Little bit reckless – what with that imminent domain comment – still the At large seat has two quality candidates, should be interesting. (from LR: The eminent domain comment worried me a bit too, and I disagree with his position on Mile High Skydiving. You can tell he has been in politics, though…he seemed very comfortable in front of everyone. I would have to decide if his pros outweigh his cons, so I’ll be paying close attention in the next debates).

Sean McCoy – Newsflash, Young Daniels is running for Ward 1, not Ward 3. Did Sean really have to attack the weakest, least experienced candidate at the podium? Three times – very unclassy. And the worst at disregarding the time limits. (from LR: Completely agree here, McCoy came across as a bully on this night, which hasn’t been out of character at all from many council meetings that I’ve seen. I’m still waiting to get some confirmation from him about his ElectMcCoy twitter account, and if the postings on it are truly from him. It is seeming more likely, but I’d still like to hear it from the horse’s mouth. McCoy has also tended to be on the opposite side of most of my beliefs for how Longmont could be made better. I don’t live in Ward 3, so I won’t have the chance to vote against him, but I think the council would go a long way towards being more civil if he were not a part of it).

I’m really looking forward to more debates and seeing the other candidates in action. Until then…..


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