Shooting Off at the Mouth

I hesitated to even give this its own dedicated post, but just to make it easier for the subject to notice, I decided why not.

Mr. Wray made a snide remark in his copyright article that said something to the effect of “Notice the date on the post where I lifted all the bans. Any article that says they couldn’t see an article on FRL after that is lying”. Mr. Wray, this is precisely why people should take your advice and realize who the comment is coming from to judge its worth…in this case, you, and in your case, worthless.

Two small fallacies in your accusation…the debate was 9/7/11. The video of it was posted on 9/8/11 if I’m not mistaken. You apparently were kind enough to give lowlifes like myself a second (third?) chance to redeem themselves on FRL on 9/9/11. So…..when I tried to access that video through the link Kaye Fissinger put in the comments section of the Times Call on 9/8/11, I got FRL’s “You are banned” screen. (And not that I care, but it was what it was, and I thought people would get a chuckle knowing that I was banned on FRL). Two days later, I wrote my post about the candidates in the debate, and apparently sometime between when I first tried to access the video on 9/8/11 and and when I wrote the article on 9/10/11, Mr. Wray was kind enough to remove all the banned addresses.

This is why people don’t take you seriously Mr. Wray…you shoot your mouth off regardless of the truth of your words, and most of Longmont knows it. In this case, I don’t think you were lying on purpose, since how were you to know when I tried to access things? You just saw a chance to catch me in a lie, and you jumped at it without knowing what you were talking about. What continues to crack me up is that had I made a similar comment on your site, you would have banned me for saying it. So while I so appreciate the kind gesture of lifting my ban so I can see the error of my commenting ways, I’m not convinced yet that you care for honest dialogue and debate there that doesn’t march in lockstep with your own. So rather than go for a third ban, I think I’ll continue to respond to you here…you are obviously getting my messages, even if they aren’t sinking in very well. And that works for me…people will continue to see your thought process for what it really is, and the whole point of this blog is to let Longmont respond to those incorrect and misleading comments.

As always, thanks for playing!


4 Responses to Shooting Off at the Mouth

  1. Well, so much for not going for my 3rd FRL ban. 🙂 I wasn’t attacking your site, Mr. Wray. It was more aimed at your hypocrisy and correcting some of your false statements. I thought you might appreciate someone explaining the truth to you in a way you could understand. My bad.

    For the record, you are still on my unbanned list. 🙂

  2. Ferris Bueller says:

    LOL. Doug Wray is an idiot, he can’t understand truth on a 1st grade level.

  3. Mr. Wray, how am I supposed to learn from the mistakes of others’ incorrect posts if you remove all of the offending content of them? All that is left of Carol Pike’s post is “An interesting article about the buses. Mr. Douse might have written the same letter regardless of who is president.” (I think this is the right link. Since I’m banned, it is harder to tell sometimes).

    And Mr. Wray responds along the lines of ‘Carol Pike’ offers absolutely no facts to challenge Mr. Myers and offered insult. He also says that her comment is not civil nor is it rational discourse. (exact wording modified so Mr. Wray doesn’t tattle on me again).

    Mr. Wray, I’d be honored if you could point the people who are having trouble abiding by your commenting rules to my blog so that they can respond in the manner in which they’d like. I certainly am doing my part to send traffic your way, so the least you could do is return the favor. 🙂

    And attention Carol Pike….feel free to post your entire response to the bus article in here. Attacking the author and right-wing polemics are allowed.

  4. YouAreGlue says:

    You do know that he has wet dreams about people who write about him?

    Just sayin’

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