An Open Letter to Mr. John Bowker

A letter was recently published by one John Bowker regarding ongoing issues with the Longmont airport. While Mr. Bowker chose an unfortunate forum in which to post his letter (it may have been submitted to other sites as well, I’m not sure), hopefully the owner of said site will take a lesson from it in how to respectfully disagree with someone who has a different opinion.

I have no dog in the airport race. Generally I’m pro airport, pro runway expansion, and pro Mile High Skydiving. The planes don’t bother me where I live, but I am not going to judge how those living near the airport might respond to the same noise. (I was actually made aware of a tv segment recently that described how some people are wired in such a way that certain noises literally make them crazy, so maybe there is some of that going on here, who knows?) Obviously there are some people who are bothered greatly by it, and there are many people who aren’t. Mr. Bowker apparently is bothered by it, but he makes some very fair statements in his letter. I don’t agree with all that he wrote, but it sure would be nice if more debate could happen with this same amount of civility.

Mr. Bowker, I would gladly post your letter on my blog for more discussion if you are so inclined to put it here. Thanks for keeping it real……


One Response to An Open Letter to Mr. John Bowker

  1. Buckaroo Banzai says:

    My question is, did this guy really submit the article to FRL or did they steal it with the assumption that because it was a letter to the editor, that it is an “open letter” that can be used by anyone? You’ll note that it’s under the name “guest” – is this an account that the editors use to re-post the works of authors who are not contributors to their website? It appears so. It would be interesting to know if this guy authorized FRL to post his letter…

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