Occupying Wall Street

Apparently some of the local Longmont crowd is planning a “gathering” in support of a “historic movement that is sweeping the country”. The gathering is scheduled for this Monday, Oct 10, from 5:00-6:30 at the corner of 7th and Main. These are always a good time, and I intend to be in the area to see what all the hubbub is about. (To FRL…no charge for the free advertising on my blog).

In reality, I have absolutely no idea what this historic movement is hoping to achieve. Bringing awareness to and stopping corporate greed? Making the rich “pay their fair share”? Ending capitalism? Everything I’ve seen from these demonstrations suggests that the majority of people in them are simply mad that they aren’t making as much money as they think they should be, while there are others (I guess the main target is usually the evil CEO) who are making too much and not giving enough back. It is really sad to see how many people in those demonstrations just truly don’t seem to get it, and in reality, I think most of them really aren’t trying to make the world a better place. From what I’ve seen (and I’m generalizing somewhat), most of these people seem to want to punish success. Kids graduating from college today are in for a really rude awakening…jobs aren’t just being handed out these days. People actually have to put some effort into making a living, and it appears most of the protestors just think it is unfair that a CEO (or any “rich” person) actually is earning a decent wage regardless of how he got there. You want to be as successful and make the money that you think the CEOs are unfairly making? Go out and work for it! This country has all kinds of opportunities for those who truly want to find them. When people put their minds to it, many actually do achieve success, as unfair as that might be to those in the OWALL crowd.

Money does not equal evil. All corporations are not evil (quite the contrary, many of the most reviled corporations in the minds of that group actually EMPLOY the most people). All CEOs are not greedy. Most big companies started out as small businesses and actually became successful (gasp!). At what point do these protestors think that the corporation has become too successful and must be knocked back into place? And if that is how we are expected to treat success, what is the motivation to actually become successful in this country? That kind of thinking leads to people believing they are entitled to have what the other guy has, which leads to laziness and jealousy, which leads to protests like Occupy Wall Street.

I’ll leave with a really entertaining video which highlights some of the brilliant reasoning going on in one OWALL crowd. (WARNING….it is a piece from Bill O’Reilly, which tends to make the OWALL types tune out. Those of you actually planning to participate in the Longmont event will probably not want to bother watching, as I would imagine you wouldn’t really want to see the kind of person you are about to be associated with. You’ve been warned). 🙂


One Response to Occupying Wall Street

  1. A couple appropriate quotes in the Boulder Weekly about this historic movement in Denver:

    “I’m all for organizing,” says passerby Chad Duffy, “but it feels like a bunch of half-baked ideas to me.”

    “We’re a little more passive in Colorado. Most of us are stoned out here, so I doubt it will get violent,” jokes Duffy. “But it’s admirable, I guess. They are seeking action through inaction — I’m just not sure it’s doing anything.”

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