Context…Learn to Use It

Hello Charles Hanson.  I noticed a letter to FRL tonight in which you said:

“In a recent Times-Call article, “Backers don’t want outsiders in debate” (Sept. 24), Mayor Baum publicly described himself as a “capitalist pig.” The exact quote as printed is, “I’m a free-market guy. I’m a capitalist pig.” What that means is that the mayor has represented, tirelessly, in the past two years, only those folks in Longmont who think of themselves as capitalist pigs.”  *

Mr. Hanson, I think if you looked a little closer at the context of the quote, you’d realize that 1) it was said tongue in cheek (although Mayor Baum is definitely pro business, which is not a bad thing to be at all), and 2) this does not mean that he represented only those who think of themselves as capitalist pigs.

No labels.  Have a nice day!


* (This quote is taken from FRL .  All rights reserved to M. Douglas Wray at Free Range Longmont.  All opinions expressed in said post are the property of Free Range Longmont, and all reactions directed toward the content of said post, positive or negative, should be directed at Free Range Longmont.  The short quote above is not my own, but rather was referenced from Free Range Longmont so as to let readers of this blog better understand the context of said post.  The author of this blog is eternally grateful to Mr. Wray for allowing him fair use of an idea from FRL that warrants a response here, as the author has been banned from responding on FRL).


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