Dog Bites

Seriously Doug?   This passes for progressively better news on Free Range Longmont?


2 Responses to Dog Bites

  1. Stephanie Baum says:

    Oh yes, the big story is of course this is yet another “cover-up” by the Times-Call to not let the story get out. Let me see, the police notes section of the paper has room for 6 or so stories each day and those come from the police blotter. They pick the “most interesting” news items each day to go in the paper. The dog bite happened on of all days, July 4 – a day that presumably there are more than 6 police calls. In fact, locally speaking, it’s probably one of the highest incident call days of the year. I just so happens that on July 4, a lot of people get drunk, stupid, and light off fireworks. Often houses or other structures catch fire, or people blow their fingers off or a whole host of other events that would be classified as more interesting than a dog bite, especially when the information on the dog blotter noted only the location of the bite “the 400 block of Quail Rd” (the area BEHIND my house, not even on my street) so there was nothing to identify on the initial report that they were my dogs. I would guess based on the number of people who were in the Responsible Pet Owner class, who also owned dogs that bit other people or other dogs, that there are probably at least 150 cases of dog bites a year in Longmont (that are reported) so we should see a report of a dog bite just about every other day in the paper. Guess what? They’re not all reported. Things like home invasion, drug theft, and assault are “more interesting” and displace dog bite stories. Generally dog bite stories only make the list if a child is involved, the bites are so serious that either a dog is killed or victim hospitalized or if a pitbull is involved (and even then only on “slow news days”). This story was none of those things, and like 90% of dog bite stories was just passed over for the more exciting news of th day. Cover up? Laughable…

  2. YouAreGlue says:

    Bitter…not better.

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