The Doug, er, Dog is Barking

Well, the proverbial sh!t has blown from FRL towards the fan.  The Times Call today actually printed the story about the Baum’s court case regarding their dog attacking another dog….from over a year ago.  For some reason, M. Douglas Wray was interviewed about this story, which still has me scratching my head considering this gem he offered in the story:

“Wray said he knows he hasn’t kept the political discourse civil on his blogs and did not feel any obligation to update the blog with information about the judgment being paid because he is a blogger, not a journalist.”

I guess he felt bad after the interview, b/c he did make a comment about the story saying the settlement was paid (as opposed to actually editing the original post).  But with the above comment, he couldn’t have driven home his oft uttered point any better about “take into consideration where the information is coming from”.   As I’ve said many, many times…we know, Doug, that when it comes from you, it shouldn’t be taken seriously.  At least you are admitting that you are nothing more than a writer of bitter fiction, so that’s a great first step.   Why the TC has chosen to make a story out of anything driveled from this admitted fiction writer is beyond me.

Longmont politics definitely has a sleazy side to it, but this whole story is a bit sleazier than I had ever considered giving FRL and Doug Wray credit for.  It is really a shame that the TC has given it any air time at all when it was obviously a completely orchestrated political attack piece.  I can see renowned fiction write M. Douglas Wray’s head growing bigger by the moment.

Thanks for shedding the light on this, FRL.  I think your intentions are going to backfire dramatically, but at least  you’ve shown more of the public how you really play.


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