Free Advice

If you’re going to stoop so low as to flat out calling someone as dumb as dirt, maybe you should spell that person’s name correctly.  Just saying.


UPDATE:  “Michelle Backwards”  ROFLMAO!!!!!   How original. 🙂


Retweeted recently by a local bird:

“_______ posting requirements: Ability to spout ____ talking points, contrive baseless smears & push lies masked as ‘news'”

Oh sweet, sweet irony. 🙂

Brownback Calls it Right

So it seems Governor Brownback rightfully called out his staff for overreacting to Emma Sullivan’s tweet.  Good for him, that was the right thing to do, and affirms to me that he is not the champion of the anti-first amendment cause that the local lefties here tried to make him out to be.  Guess you’re going to have to come up with a new word for beyond crazy (That fools so crazy he’s Brownback!!)  ROFLMAO!!  My sides still hurt from laughing so hard at that cleverness (and considering the number of tweets he posted, someone else was pretty proud of his own handywork as well).    My friends at FRL are nothing if not entertaining.  🙂

New Website – Longmont Politics

Just came to my attention that Chris Rodriguez has launched a new site called Longmont Politics.

Chris describes his site like this (and hopefully he doesn’t mind me copying his description from another blog of his):


A new site has come to the Longmont political landscape:  Longmont Politics.  The concept is that of a news, commentary, and opinion aggregator.  What’s an aggregator?  According to Wikipedia, it: “refers to a web site that aggregates a specific type of information from multiple online sources.”  Longmont Politics goal is to collect and post this information as long as it pertains to politics in Longmont – hence the name, obviously.

Most of the entries will be links back to news and newspaper websites with articles that pertain to local politics.  These will be presented with no more than a couple of sentences from the online article, and without commentary.  Then, as with the former Longmont Advocate Podcast, there will be something similar to its “City Council Watch“, which will hyperlink to upcoming agendas and meetings.  Lastly, opinion and commentary.  The goal here is to not be a blog, but opinion pieces similar to what is submitted to newspapers for printing.  Hence, many of the rules on this site will be similar to some newspaper’s policies.


Good stuff!  Chris’ site will contain links back to other locations as well as include pieces submitted by others.  Unlike many of the other blogs here, though, he isn’t allowing comments, and flame wars will not be allowed.  This should be a great central source to get at the important issues of Longmont without too many clicks.  Thanks Chris!

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

This probably one of my favorite phrases used frequently by Longmont’s dumbnamic duo.  Always makes me smile. 🙂

Well, You Asked

No, Mr. Wray, I’m not calling out everyone in the country who says something that could be construed as uncivil.  I just take it a little more personally with you b/c of my history with you.

But now that you’ve brought it to my attention about Sean Jeremy Osborn (never heard of the guy before I saw your link), here is my opinion.  Exactly as Mr. Osborn states, Cain was describing a pizza in a marketing context.  How Donna Brazile jumped to her conclusion about Cain’s mistreatment of women from those statements is, indeed, quite truly remarkable (actually, seems very similar to jumps you make on FRL frequently, so I can see where you would agree with her).  Osborn seemed to be set off  by the fact that someone could truly be that ignorant about something that seemed so blatantly obvious.

The words he used to describe her were not civil, and he could have chosen more “politically correct” terms, but he didn’t.  “Magnificently ignorant slut” seemed to be taking a line straight out of some classic Saturday Night Live.   “Stupid female dog” and “stupid retard”…yep, sure he’ll piss off some people with those phrases.  I wouldn’t have used them.  But in the end, two things are indisputable….first, Donna Brazile truly has no clue.  And second, Osborn sure got your attention, and his ratings are going to go up substantially (at least in the short term) b/c of the reactions of people such as yourself.

So no…he wasn’t very civil.  You win.  But is that your justification for your continued incivility?  “But…but…but….HE isn’t civil either!!”?   Shall we grow up now?

Actually, the Reason for this Blog…..

…is not to target anyone in particular.  When I came to Longmont a few years ago, I noticed there was a pretty active, though small, political scene here.  I’ve always been interested in local issues, and there were some pretty strong opinions on both sides of most equations here.  I remember back when Kaye Fissinger was running for City Council.  I actually met her (sort of) on Main street during one of the festivals there, and she was out campaigning and handing out flyers.  I took one, said thanks, and went about my business.  I had no idea who this woman was, but I’d be happy to see what she stood for.  When I looked at her flyer, I saw she was endorsed by Ann Krohn Rick.  Now, I still wasn’t too aware of the who’s who of Longmont politics at the time, but I had seen Ms. Rick’s name on enough letters to the editor in the Times Call to come to the conclusion that her ideas were completely on the opposite end of the spectrum from mine, and that she was a bit fanatical with many of her opinions.  I can’t remember who else endorsed her that I was also familiar with, but that gave me a good idea where Ms. Fissinger’s head was and the direction she was leaning.

I did some research and eventually came across Free Range Longmont.  Ms. Fissinger was a regular poster there, and I was glad I found a forum where I could engage her in some debate and see why she thought what she did.  At least, I thought I had found a forum.  My first comment to one of her posts was not posted, and I got banned.  I was pretty shocked, as I thought I was being very respectful, though I disagreed with her, but apparently the M. Powers Thatbe at FRL thought otherwise.  I think eventually FRL let all of the criminals out of the cage and unbanned us all, but another dissenting opinion put me back on the list, and I remain there today (queue violins here).

Free Range Longmont seems to be one of the squeakier wheels with respect to Longmont politics, and quite frankly I saw enough falsehoods coming from that site that I felt I needed to respond to them from time to time.  Since I can’t comment there, I created Longmont Responds and speak my mind here.  Just so happens that recently, she’s posted many articles on FRL that are full of slants or just bitter, and that’s the kind of thing I have trouble overlooking.  Mr. Wray has also been exceptionally condescending and also big into name calling and general incivility as well, and again, I’m no fan of bullies and struggle to just let that kind of thing go.  Call it a weakness of mine.

I have many staunch liberal friends, and I’ve always been able to have some great discussions with them about their ideas.  While we don’t tend to change each others’ minds, I love the insight that hearing an opposing (rational) opinion provides, and I grow from that.  And I hoped I could continue that on FRL, b/c all the opinions there were opposite of my own.  But Mr. Wray chose to be the lesser person who was obviously not interested in debate.  I’m not really sure what had to have happened in his life to lead him to be the person he is today, but his mentality has fascinated me ever since he told me, the new guy just trying to connect with some of the locals, that I wasn’t allowed to play in his sandbox.

I have mixed feelings posting some of things I say about Mr. Wray and Ms. Fissinger, as that just isn’t my nature to lash out at people…I’d much rather debate and talk civilly.  I try not to generalize about any particular group (like liberals).  This site was never intended to target those two, but I must admit, those two seem to be the ones making the loudest inflammatory statements and are the biggest bullies, so yes, they tend to be the subjects of many of my posts.  Maybe I’ll get to meet Mr. Wray face to face some day, and I’ll continue to see Ms. Fissinger at City Council meetings from time to time, even if we don’t usually speak to each other.  In the meantime, this site will continue to be my place to refute statements that need refuting.  Dissenting opinions are more than welcome here.  My sandbox is open to anyone who asks.  And now you know….the rest of the story.  Again.

Christine Beech….You Give Me Hope

So after the “All Tea Party supporters are the scum of the earth and want you all to die” article on FRL, a Christine Beech commented that she’d like to see the references for “Criminalizing women’s reproductive choices”, because it seems hard to believe that is a platform item for the Tea Party.

Here here, Christine!  More people should have this attitude towards things written on FRL.  Of course, since it is just a blog, you really can’t trust that any of it is actually true, but you called out Ms. Fissinger on a great article that is full of half truths and severe slants.  Mr. Wray responded “The language of the amendment was so broad, it could have allowed for criminal investigations of women who miscarry.”  Now Christine, the fact that you aren’t just spouting anti-right venom tells me that you are a rational person.  As such, I’m sure you don’t really believe what Mr. Wray is trying to get you to believe, that the Tea Party actually intends to criminally investigate women who miscarry.  Just think about that.  Sound pretty dumb, huh?  Pretty typical of Free Range Longmont articles, unfortunately, and lots of posters there are drinking the Kool-Aid, as they like to say about right wingers.

And I hope you didn’t feel too belittled when Ms. Fissinger responded with the history of reproductive rights in America.  Don’t sweat it, she talks down like that to most everyone, so you are in good company.  Her point is that the Tea Party wants to take all your reproductive rights away, and we both know that also isn’t true.  Yes, there is a fringe element on the right who really believes that stuff and is trying hard to push it through, but as she points out, the public generally votes against it, and the likelihood of any of it becoming law is miniscule at best.  And that is fine, it really isn’t what the Tea Party is centrally focused on.  Still, it sounds fun for her to post it like it really is something the public ought to fear from the mainstream Tea Party movement.

Christine, you give me hope that there are some rational liberals posting on FRL.  I’m glad they have people there who are questioning the “facts” that are often completely untrue, and it is good to see Mr. Wray and Ms. Fissinger respond in ways that completely drive home what everyone else already knows.  I look forward to seeing more comments from you on FRL calling out the questionable points that are so often being made.  You are the kind of person that one could have an intelligent debate with…a rarity on FRL.  🙂

Consumed by Ignorance

It appears that one of the ties that bind Republican candidates and their enthusiastic supporters is their joy at the suffering of others and their desire to inflict pain, punishment, misery and even death.”  (This is from Kaye Fissinger on FRL .  Exclusive rights to this comedy belong exclusively to the crew running the show over there).

It is completely moronic statements like this that keep me coming back to the FRL trainwreck.  The more you open your mouth, Kaye, the more you show your true colors.  Like my good friend M. Douglas Wray always says…consider the source of the comment to judge its credibility.  At least your thoughts are being originally posted on one of the least credible sites out there.  I hope, for your sake, that the PMS will one day end for you.  Big hugs.

The Tea Party Agenda….Through the Eyes of A Radical Lefty

FRL likes to post cute little articles about the Tea Party when it thinks they aren’t getting enough negative attention.  Another one of those was posted today that proudly proclaimed to have the entire Tea Party agenda concentrated in one place.  Let’s look at a few of these points…. *

– Rolling back civil rights protections.   No, not really.  There is some strong sentiment about solutions to the huge illegal immigration problem in the US, but the Tea Party is not trying to roll back civil rights protections in general.  Big difference.

– Overturning health care reform.   Absolutely true, as they should.  The US is not in a position to pay for those reforms, and forcing people to have insurance is going to be unrealistic for many of the nation’s poorest.  Obamacare, as it stands now, is not a good law, and SHOULD be reformed, if not scrapped outright.

– Criminalizing women’s reproductive choices.  Abortion, yes…the Tea Party thinks it should be outlawed.  Other choices are still on the table.  I can’t say I agree with the Tea Party’s position on this, but let’s not overgeneralize there, FRL.

– Eliminating the rights of workers to collectively bargain for safe working conditions and reasonable compensation.  No, and this is typical.  The Tea Party does not insist that workers have unsafe working conditions, and if you believe that, you’re a fool.  The Tea Party also does not think that workers should be denied “reasonable compensation”.  The problem is that too many unions (the public sector especially) are draining government coffers because they insist on compensation that any rational person would consider to be unreasonable, especially in today’s economic environment.  Governor Walker in Wisconsin is the poster child for evil Tea Party politician stripping the unions of their power.  Unfortunately, Wisconsin is in much better shape financially now than it was before he initiated those reforms.  If the unions would not be so selfish and stop demanding more than their share of compensation, then governors would not be trying to prevent them from dragging their governments further into the red.  THAT is the issue, not the items listed above.

– Stacking our nation’s courts with radical right-wing judicial activists.  I think we can all agree that anything that doesn’t agree with the FRL anti-Tea Party agenda would be considered to be “radical right-wing”.  Hell, I have no political agenda,  yet have been accused of the same.  We all know this is untrue, though.  Of course each political party is going to try to install judges that match their political ideology.  You think this is unique to the right?  Nope.  Makes for a good bullet point on why the Tea Party is so evil, though.

There are a few others on the list I can’t argue much with.  Some of the more religious items can be a little over the top, and frankly aren’t what our government should be focusing on, but I can’t deny that many Tea Party members have some strong religious views.  More importantly, though, is that Tea Party sympathizers believe the constitution should be followed, and that rampant spending by governments needs to stop.  This is an admirable position they take, and getting where they want to go is going to be painful, but no solution to the debt crisis is going to be pretty.  At least they have the balls to go after the heart of the problem and not tip toe around things to be politically correct.

*DISCLAIMER:  These quotes are taken from  FRL .  All rights reserved to M. Douglas Wray at Free Range Longmont.  All opinions expressed in said quotes are the property of Free Range Longmont, and all reactions directed toward the content of said quotes, positive or negative, should be directed at Free Range Longmont.  The short quotes above are not my own, but rather were referenced from Free Range Longmont so as to let readers of this blog better understand the context of said quotes.  The author of this blog is eternally grateful to Mr. Wray for allowing him fair use of  ideas from FRL that warrants a response here, as the author has been banned from responding on FRL.