This is Who I Am

Rather than continue to clutter Bonnie Finley’s TC article, figured I’d add my two cents over here.

So now, according to M. Douglas Wary over at FRL, this is who I am:

Bryan Baum

Stephanie Baum

Chris Rodriguez

Brigette Rodriguez (?)

Vigilant Patriot



A representative of the City of Longmont


Did I leave anyone out?  It gets really confusing having all of these conversations with myself. 😉

And as for the untruths…I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again….point them out.  YOU don’t know who I am, Doug, but that doesn’t make me less credible than you, who all but admitted to the TC that you don’t have to tell the truth b/c you are not a journalist.  Who do you think the public will believe?  Anonymity does not necessarily equal deceptiveness.  Real names do not necessarily equal credibility.


One Response to This is Who I Am

  1. Free Range Longmont, how do we know that you and takenote aren’t the same person?

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