Dennis Coombs Speaks Out

Mayor Baum conceded the election today, which was the right thing to do given the remotely slim chance of making up the difference in votes.  Both he and Coombs shook hands, congratulated each other on fighting the good fight, and agreed to continue on with the betterment of Longmont in mind as friends.  Good for them.

Coombs had the following to say during his acceptance of Baum’s concession:

“”I want all of these negative innuendoes against the Baum family stopped,” Coombs said. “I never agreed with those attacks. I was never behind those attacks. And if there’s anyone who thinks they’re doing me a favor by that – don’t. I don’t need that kind of help.”

M. Douglas Wray…I think the new mayor just basically told you and some of your associates to GTHO and STFU.   Seems the new mayor and I do indeed agree on one way to make Longmont a better place after all.  KTHXBAI!!!


One Response to Dennis Coombs Speaks Out

  1. What a contrast, eh? Two years ago this was the post election rally cry. Ironically coming from those who the new mayor is now denouncing:

    Now two years later, we have supporters of Mayor Baum’s offering words of encouragement to the new Mayor Elect.

    Not hard to see who’s classy…and who’s not 😉

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