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I really enjoy when FRL feels the need to post about their “commenting rules” ™, and how those of us who aren’t a member of the esteemed “Team Free Range Longmont” ™  just don’t get it.  You can find the article from which I’ll be quoting here.

“ is a Progressive site – we will not give publicity / links / traffic to any website that actively encourages the Tea Party. Period. ”   And I think we have found the gist of your problem, Mr. Wray.  You tend to use “encourages the Tea Party” to mean just about anything to suit you.  Many people commented on the TC recently that they’ve had comments removed by you simply for disagreeing.  I, myself, am positive this is the case, because I myself was one of those people who’s opinion you didn’t like, so you censored it out.  My opinion merely disagreed with Kaye Fissinger…it was hardly Tea Partyesque by any logical or rational standard.  I’m sure the others who mentioned similar acts of censorship on your site had similar stories.

And this bit is great:  ” Here’s a post that I think explifies how far FRL is willing to go to accomodate folks that disagree with us. Note that rather than reject the comment (which violated the posting rules not just once but twice) I edited it so that the author could have their say and encouraged them to keep commenting. ”

I just about spit my drink out when I read this.  Yes, FRL is just so willing to bend over backwards to accommodate the dissenters.   Riiiiiight.  But wait….Doug, instead of simply rejecting the comment b/c of a  myriad of posting violations,  you took the liberty to edit it!  Golly, so nice of you to essentially change the meaning of what that poster was saying.  So congratulations for “encouraging” him to keep posting.  I hope you don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back for being so accommodating.

And finally….”Regardless, FRL will continue to moderate our comments to keep the discussions civil and free of far-right rhetoric; yes, that does mean there will be Progressive rhetoric.”  Oh really?  Civil?  So the reporter misquoted you when she said “Wray said he knows he hasn’t kept the political discourse civil on his blogs and did not feel any obligation to update the blog with information about the judgment being paid because he is a blogger, not a journalist”.   At the very least, though, you’re admitting that FRL contains only progressive rhetoric (definition: “the undue use of exaggeration or display”.  Very fitting choice of words), and will continue to censor opposing opinions.

As I’ve said many times on my site, FRL is  yours to do with what you want, but many of us know the real truth.  You can try to justify your actions all you want, but everyone still knows how you roll.  Maybe it is time to take the new mayor’s advice.

DISCLAIMER:  These quotes are taken from   FRL .  All rights reserved to M. Douglas Wray at Free Range Longmont.  All opinions expressed in said quotes are the property of Free Range Longmont, and all reactions directed toward the content of said quotes, positive or negative, should be directed at Free Range Longmont.  The short quotes above are not my own, but rather were referenced from Free Range Longmont so as to let readers of this blog better understand the context of said quotes.  The author of this blog is eternally grateful to Mr. Wray for allowing him fair use of  ideas from FRL that warrants a response here, as the author has been banned from responding on FRL.


One Response to Commenting Rules

  1. I think we’re finally getting somewhere. Ms. Fissinger, you are right…censorship is probably not the right word to use when describing Mr. Wray’s obsession with keeping the banter on FRL sloped steeply to the left. FRL is indeed the place to be if you subscribe to a hard left ideology, which logically is going to disagree with the conservative viewpoints. And as the owner of said site, Mr. Wray is free to moderate it as he chooses. As I’ve said before, it is a shame he isn’t up for some adult level debate, as I enjoy hearing rational explanations of opposing viewpoints and can appreciate spirited conversations that don’t simply resort to name calling. But yes, it is his site, so obviously he can continue to dodge discussion if he is simply trying to preach to the choir. I’ll still be around. 🙂

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