Strength and Courage?

Kaye Fissinger remarked recently on FRL:

“Clay Evans showed strength and courage in revealing information about Bryan Baum that had not seen the light of day publicly. This information could have been brought forward before the election by others who instead chose restraint.”

He showed “strength and courage”?  How, exactly, is revealing information about Mayor Baum showing strength and courage?   I guess when Mr. Wray decided to bring back an old, forgotten dog bite story, he then showed the opposite of strength and courage?  Weakness and cowardice?  Political opportunist maybe?  Attention whore?  The public can decide.

“The electon of Dennis Coombs is the beginning of a fresh start for Longmont. The abandonment of the ludicrous St. Vrain County effort is also encouraging.”  Yes, it is a fresh start, and I already like that Coombs basically told Team Free Range Longmont to quit harassing the Baums.  Will they listen?  Probably not, but Longmont Responds will make sure they are reminded of it whenever a reminder is needed.

(For any of those who missed the first sentence above, these are Kaye Fissinger’s responses to a post on FRL, and as such, all credit and discredit belongs to her and M. Douglas Wray).


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