It is ok, the Poor are Still Allowed to Eat

Picked up this little tidbit from my favorite blogger-not-journalist.

These are the little things that help reinforce in my mind (and any rational mind) that squawks by Mr. Wray are merely for entertainment purposes only.  Everyone should check out this 22 second clip from Michelle Bachmann.  If you can watch it and still truly believe that what she meant is that poor people shouldn’t eat, then the blinders are simply too thick, and there really is no hope for you.  Mr. Wray always likes to say “the public should consider who is saying this before deciding if the information is credible”.   We still do, Mr. Wray.  We still do.

Maybe we should play along.  In that case…..M. Douglas Wray thinks that if you are rich, you should die of suffocation!!



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