Nice Work Ms. Fissinger

Has anyone ever taken the time to read Kaye Fissinger’s tweets?  Is there anything this woman is actually happy about?  Seriously?

In the past 24 hours, she’s managed to rip on the Koch brothers, Mitt Romney, George W Bush, Herman Cain, Bryan Baum, Rick Perry, and Michelle Bachmann.   Honestly, she reminds me of the critics in the muppets, only not nearly as fun to listen to, and much more bitter sounding.

Hey Kaye!!  Why all the hate?  Is there truly nothing in this town you are happy about these days?  Sure, Bryan Baum is no longer the mayor, but could you not even mention that without essentially doing the senior citizen’s version of calling him a big poopy head?

Think really hard about trying to do something constructive for my city rather than just looking for people and issues to whine about.  If you play nice with others, maybe they’ll start to play nice with you, and you’ll no longer the punch line for every progressive issue raised here.

Just trying to help. 🙂


One Response to Nice Work Ms. Fissinger

  1. Hilarity 😀

    And she needs to update her Twitter profile to match the words she spits out over there. This is more suitable:

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