Bald Eagles

Has everyone been seeing all of the pics of bald eagles around the area lately?  Great one here in the Times Call.

We are so lucky to have those here, since Heaven Fest a couple years ago was supposed to completely wipe them out of the Union Reservoir area.  Guess they are a little more resilient than they were given credit for.  Seems like a great metaphor for the drivel spewed by some of those at FRL (I won’t say all liberals, but a select few I know seem to make the most noise so I’ll focus there).   You can try to baby people (bald eagles) and make it seem like without your help, they will all perish.  But people (like bald eagles) are capable of adapting if they are given the chance AND they choose to adapt.  Eagles are the perfect symbol of America and represent how it should be.  Can’t get enough of those pictures…and I’m sure the supply will always be there.  They aren’t going anywhere.


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