Christine Beech….You Give Me Hope

So after the “All Tea Party supporters are the scum of the earth and want you all to die” article on FRL, a Christine Beech commented that she’d like to see the references for “Criminalizing women’s reproductive choices”, because it seems hard to believe that is a platform item for the Tea Party.

Here here, Christine!  More people should have this attitude towards things written on FRL.  Of course, since it is just a blog, you really can’t trust that any of it is actually true, but you called out Ms. Fissinger on a great article that is full of half truths and severe slants.  Mr. Wray responded “The language of the amendment was so broad, it could have allowed for criminal investigations of women who miscarry.”  Now Christine, the fact that you aren’t just spouting anti-right venom tells me that you are a rational person.  As such, I’m sure you don’t really believe what Mr. Wray is trying to get you to believe, that the Tea Party actually intends to criminally investigate women who miscarry.  Just think about that.  Sound pretty dumb, huh?  Pretty typical of Free Range Longmont articles, unfortunately, and lots of posters there are drinking the Kool-Aid, as they like to say about right wingers.

And I hope you didn’t feel too belittled when Ms. Fissinger responded with the history of reproductive rights in America.  Don’t sweat it, she talks down like that to most everyone, so you are in good company.  Her point is that the Tea Party wants to take all your reproductive rights away, and we both know that also isn’t true.  Yes, there is a fringe element on the right who really believes that stuff and is trying hard to push it through, but as she points out, the public generally votes against it, and the likelihood of any of it becoming law is miniscule at best.  And that is fine, it really isn’t what the Tea Party is centrally focused on.  Still, it sounds fun for her to post it like it really is something the public ought to fear from the mainstream Tea Party movement.

Christine, you give me hope that there are some rational liberals posting on FRL.  I’m glad they have people there who are questioning the “facts” that are often completely untrue, and it is good to see Mr. Wray and Ms. Fissinger respond in ways that completely drive home what everyone else already knows.  I look forward to seeing more comments from you on FRL calling out the questionable points that are so often being made.  You are the kind of person that one could have an intelligent debate with…a rarity on FRL.  🙂


One Response to Christine Beech….You Give Me Hope

  1. Oh Doug, your blogging spirit is again getting the best of you. You continue down the path of deceit to our friend Christine with this response on FRL:

    “there’s already a bill in the Utah House and Senate that explicitly crimminalizes miscarriages – even those caused by domestic abuse. If a woman returns to her abusive spouse, gets beaten again and miscarries it will be HER FAULT. There’s some right-wing compassion for ya. God created Men first and the Lunatic Fringe of the GOP isn’t about to let women forget it. Get those shoes off and get back in the kitchen.” (All credit to M. Douglas Wray on Free Range Longmont. Who else could come up with statements like this?)

    Did you by any chance read the intended purpose of Utah HB 12, or did you just jump to your own illogical conclusion that the GOP is all about keeping women barefoot and in the kitchen? (Nice feminist take on the matter, by the way. Racists have the same type of discriminatory mindset). The bill came to pass when a pregnant woman paid some guy to kick her in the stomach to attempt to induce an abortion b/c she didn’t want the child. Reprehensible behavior on the part of the pregnant woman, and the legislature’s hearts were in the right place in attempting to create severe consequences for it.

    *CAN* this bill be stretched to an extreme conclusion? After looking at it, probably. Does that mean either 1) it will happen like that all the time, or 2) it is a scheme for the GOP to “keep women in their place”? No, and no. No one in their right mind is going to prosecute a woman for having a miscarriage just for because she had a miscarriage…those happen all the time. Have a little faith that the system is not going to be as dumb minded as you appear to be, Mr. Wray.

    By the way, did you know at least three democrats voted for this bill? And did you know they were women? Shoots your whole GOP compassion thing in the foot, now doesn’t it?

    Christine, do you see where Mr. Wray will try to lead you if you let him? Run. Run far away. 🙂

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