The Tea Party Agenda….Through the Eyes of A Radical Lefty

FRL likes to post cute little articles about the Tea Party when it thinks they aren’t getting enough negative attention.  Another one of those was posted today that proudly proclaimed to have the entire Tea Party agenda concentrated in one place.  Let’s look at a few of these points…. *

– Rolling back civil rights protections.   No, not really.  There is some strong sentiment about solutions to the huge illegal immigration problem in the US, but the Tea Party is not trying to roll back civil rights protections in general.  Big difference.

– Overturning health care reform.   Absolutely true, as they should.  The US is not in a position to pay for those reforms, and forcing people to have insurance is going to be unrealistic for many of the nation’s poorest.  Obamacare, as it stands now, is not a good law, and SHOULD be reformed, if not scrapped outright.

– Criminalizing women’s reproductive choices.  Abortion, yes…the Tea Party thinks it should be outlawed.  Other choices are still on the table.  I can’t say I agree with the Tea Party’s position on this, but let’s not overgeneralize there, FRL.

– Eliminating the rights of workers to collectively bargain for safe working conditions and reasonable compensation.  No, and this is typical.  The Tea Party does not insist that workers have unsafe working conditions, and if you believe that, you’re a fool.  The Tea Party also does not think that workers should be denied “reasonable compensation”.  The problem is that too many unions (the public sector especially) are draining government coffers because they insist on compensation that any rational person would consider to be unreasonable, especially in today’s economic environment.  Governor Walker in Wisconsin is the poster child for evil Tea Party politician stripping the unions of their power.  Unfortunately, Wisconsin is in much better shape financially now than it was before he initiated those reforms.  If the unions would not be so selfish and stop demanding more than their share of compensation, then governors would not be trying to prevent them from dragging their governments further into the red.  THAT is the issue, not the items listed above.

– Stacking our nation’s courts with radical right-wing judicial activists.  I think we can all agree that anything that doesn’t agree with the FRL anti-Tea Party agenda would be considered to be “radical right-wing”.  Hell, I have no political agenda,  yet have been accused of the same.  We all know this is untrue, though.  Of course each political party is going to try to install judges that match their political ideology.  You think this is unique to the right?  Nope.  Makes for a good bullet point on why the Tea Party is so evil, though.

There are a few others on the list I can’t argue much with.  Some of the more religious items can be a little over the top, and frankly aren’t what our government should be focusing on, but I can’t deny that many Tea Party members have some strong religious views.  More importantly, though, is that Tea Party sympathizers believe the constitution should be followed, and that rampant spending by governments needs to stop.  This is an admirable position they take, and getting where they want to go is going to be painful, but no solution to the debt crisis is going to be pretty.  At least they have the balls to go after the heart of the problem and not tip toe around things to be politically correct.

*DISCLAIMER:  These quotes are taken from  FRL .  All rights reserved to M. Douglas Wray at Free Range Longmont.  All opinions expressed in said quotes are the property of Free Range Longmont, and all reactions directed toward the content of said quotes, positive or negative, should be directed at Free Range Longmont.  The short quotes above are not my own, but rather were referenced from Free Range Longmont so as to let readers of this blog better understand the context of said quotes.  The author of this blog is eternally grateful to Mr. Wray for allowing him fair use of  ideas from FRL that warrants a response here, as the author has been banned from responding on FRL.


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