Actually, the Reason for this Blog…..

…is not to target anyone in particular.  When I came to Longmont a few years ago, I noticed there was a pretty active, though small, political scene here.  I’ve always been interested in local issues, and there were some pretty strong opinions on both sides of most equations here.  I remember back when Kaye Fissinger was running for City Council.  I actually met her (sort of) on Main street during one of the festivals there, and she was out campaigning and handing out flyers.  I took one, said thanks, and went about my business.  I had no idea who this woman was, but I’d be happy to see what she stood for.  When I looked at her flyer, I saw she was endorsed by Ann Krohn Rick.  Now, I still wasn’t too aware of the who’s who of Longmont politics at the time, but I had seen Ms. Rick’s name on enough letters to the editor in the Times Call to come to the conclusion that her ideas were completely on the opposite end of the spectrum from mine, and that she was a bit fanatical with many of her opinions.  I can’t remember who else endorsed her that I was also familiar with, but that gave me a good idea where Ms. Fissinger’s head was and the direction she was leaning.

I did some research and eventually came across Free Range Longmont.  Ms. Fissinger was a regular poster there, and I was glad I found a forum where I could engage her in some debate and see why she thought what she did.  At least, I thought I had found a forum.  My first comment to one of her posts was not posted, and I got banned.  I was pretty shocked, as I thought I was being very respectful, though I disagreed with her, but apparently the M. Powers Thatbe at FRL thought otherwise.  I think eventually FRL let all of the criminals out of the cage and unbanned us all, but another dissenting opinion put me back on the list, and I remain there today (queue violins here).

Free Range Longmont seems to be one of the squeakier wheels with respect to Longmont politics, and quite frankly I saw enough falsehoods coming from that site that I felt I needed to respond to them from time to time.  Since I can’t comment there, I created Longmont Responds and speak my mind here.  Just so happens that recently, she’s posted many articles on FRL that are full of slants or just bitter, and that’s the kind of thing I have trouble overlooking.  Mr. Wray has also been exceptionally condescending and also big into name calling and general incivility as well, and again, I’m no fan of bullies and struggle to just let that kind of thing go.  Call it a weakness of mine.

I have many staunch liberal friends, and I’ve always been able to have some great discussions with them about their ideas.  While we don’t tend to change each others’ minds, I love the insight that hearing an opposing (rational) opinion provides, and I grow from that.  And I hoped I could continue that on FRL, b/c all the opinions there were opposite of my own.  But Mr. Wray chose to be the lesser person who was obviously not interested in debate.  I’m not really sure what had to have happened in his life to lead him to be the person he is today, but his mentality has fascinated me ever since he told me, the new guy just trying to connect with some of the locals, that I wasn’t allowed to play in his sandbox.

I have mixed feelings posting some of things I say about Mr. Wray and Ms. Fissinger, as that just isn’t my nature to lash out at people…I’d much rather debate and talk civilly.  I try not to generalize about any particular group (like liberals).  This site was never intended to target those two, but I must admit, those two seem to be the ones making the loudest inflammatory statements and are the biggest bullies, so yes, they tend to be the subjects of many of my posts.  Maybe I’ll get to meet Mr. Wray face to face some day, and I’ll continue to see Ms. Fissinger at City Council meetings from time to time, even if we don’t usually speak to each other.  In the meantime, this site will continue to be my place to refute statements that need refuting.  Dissenting opinions are more than welcome here.  My sandbox is open to anyone who asks.  And now you know….the rest of the story.  Again.


One Response to Actually, the Reason for this Blog…..

  1. Oh, just noticed a tweet by Ms. Fissinger that referred to this site and said “when you’re losing the arguments, desperate measures R required”. Ummmm…what argument am I losing exactly? And what are my desperate measures…creating a blog? Isn’t that a little hypocritical?

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