Well, You Asked

No, Mr. Wray, I’m not calling out everyone in the country who says something that could be construed as uncivil.  I just take it a little more personally with you b/c of my history with you.

But now that you’ve brought it to my attention about Sean Jeremy Osborn (never heard of the guy before I saw your link), here is my opinion.  Exactly as Mr. Osborn states, Cain was describing a pizza in a marketing context.  How Donna Brazile jumped to her conclusion about Cain’s mistreatment of women from those statements is, indeed, quite truly remarkable (actually, seems very similar to jumps you make on FRL frequently, so I can see where you would agree with her).  Osborn seemed to be set off  by the fact that someone could truly be that ignorant about something that seemed so blatantly obvious.

The words he used to describe her were not civil, and he could have chosen more “politically correct” terms, but he didn’t.  “Magnificently ignorant slut” seemed to be taking a line straight out of some classic Saturday Night Live.   “Stupid female dog” and “stupid retard”…yep, sure he’ll piss off some people with those phrases.  I wouldn’t have used them.  But in the end, two things are indisputable….first, Donna Brazile truly has no clue.  And second, Osborn sure got your attention, and his ratings are going to go up substantially (at least in the short term) b/c of the reactions of people such as yourself.

So no…he wasn’t very civil.  You win.  But is that your justification for your continued incivility?  “But…but…but….HE isn’t civil either!!”?   Shall we grow up now?


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