New Website – Longmont Politics

Just came to my attention that Chris Rodriguez has launched a new site called Longmont Politics.

Chris describes his site like this (and hopefully he doesn’t mind me copying his description from another blog of his):


A new site has come to the Longmont political landscape:  Longmont Politics.  The concept is that of a news, commentary, and opinion aggregator.  What’s an aggregator?  According to Wikipedia, it: “refers to a web site that aggregates a specific type of information from multiple online sources.”  Longmont Politics goal is to collect and post this information as long as it pertains to politics in Longmont – hence the name, obviously.

Most of the entries will be links back to news and newspaper websites with articles that pertain to local politics.  These will be presented with no more than a couple of sentences from the online article, and without commentary.  Then, as with the former Longmont Advocate Podcast, there will be something similar to its “City Council Watch“, which will hyperlink to upcoming agendas and meetings.  Lastly, opinion and commentary.  The goal here is to not be a blog, but opinion pieces similar to what is submitted to newspapers for printing.  Hence, many of the rules on this site will be similar to some newspaper’s policies.


Good stuff!  Chris’ site will contain links back to other locations as well as include pieces submitted by others.  Unlike many of the other blogs here, though, he isn’t allowing comments, and flame wars will not be allowed.  This should be a great central source to get at the important issues of Longmont without too many clicks.  Thanks Chris!


3 Responses to New Website – Longmont Politics

  1. Thanks for the plug! Keep up the good fight.

  2. Gladly! It will be nice to have so much of that information centrally located and presented in a “non-confrontational” manner. 🙂

  3. May want to save that “non-confrontational” opinion, considering what the first TC Guest Opinion under the Longmont Politics tagline will be – it’s a barnburner, unless they edit it, which they’ve been pretty good about leaving them alone. There will be some names you’ll recognize 😉

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