Good Article on Fracking

The Denver Post recently had a good article on how a fracking well works.

What caught my eye was that any kinds of issues with drilling in general are tending to be blamed on “fracking”, even if the incident itself had nothing to do with the fracking process itself.  This is leading to knee jerk reactions of “ban all fracking!”, most of which are targeting the wrong source, from many of our local environmental overreacters.  Certainly the process needs oversight, and it has some.  But the process has been around in some form for decades, and a lot of good has come from it.  As with most energy intensive processes, accidents can happen, but that is no reason to shut down the entire thing.


2 Responses to Good Article on Fracking

  1. Bob Bulow says:

    I completely disagree with your comment regarding the current state of oversight in the fracking industry. The truth is, there is hardly any evidence that this industry is regulated, or for that matter, that there are any measures by which these operators are held accountable. Perfect you rights, secure your rights and abuse your rights seem to be the current mantra.

  2. Thanks for your response, Bob. Actually, my comment regarding the state of oversight in the industry was not meant to be any more than “there is some”, and oversight is needed. My point was more directed towards the belief stated in the article that most incidents that are attributed to fracking are not a result of the fracking process itself, but rather some other aspect of the collection and distribution of the product.

    I’m certainly not saying there aren’t risks, either. I just happen to believe that the benefits have been worth the risks so far, and an outright ban on fracking is not the answer. Regulate it, oversee it, make it reasonably safe. But there will always be the possibility of something going wrong. We should make reasonable efforts to mitigate these risks so that we can continue to realize the benefits gained.

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