Meet the Newest Addition to the 1%….Farmers

From Kaye Fissinger over at FRL:

“I often say of Colorado’s conservatives that they have one foot in the 1950s and the other in the 19th century. If ever proof was definitive, Gardner’s desire to put kids to work on farms sure meets that test.”

She compared Gardner’s stance on changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act to Newt Gingrich’s recent comments (his comments were unfortunate, but certainly being taken far beyond what Gingrich intended…but that’s another story).  Ms. Fissinger, did you read that letter Gardner wrote?  You can honestly read that, UNDERSTAND IT, and believe it to mean that he wants to force kids to do dangerous jobs on a farm?  Really?

Have you ever lived on a farm?    Ms. Fissinger seems to think that most farms and farmers want to operate like 3rd world sweat shops, where the workers make a few cents a day and are just being used as cheap labor.  When you live on a farm, you work on it.  Period.  Everyone has jobs, including the kids.  Most farmers I know are not going to force their children into doing jobs they obviously are too young to do.  They are some of the hardest working people on the planet, and what they teach their kids is the value of putting in a good day’s work and pulling their weight to keep things running.  It is something not everyone is cut out to be, but teaches those who work there tremendous lessons about responsibility.

So please, Ms. Fissinger, let’s stop acting like Gardner is trying to turn rural Colorado into a cheap supply of child labor to be abused at will.  He’s not, so you can rest easy.  And the vast majority of farmers are adamantly opposed to these proposed changes.  Are farmers the new 1% now?  Greedy?  Only out for themselves?   If more families and businesses had the work ethics of farmers (even without the proposed changes to the FLSA), this country would be a whole lot better off.


One Response to Meet the Newest Addition to the 1%….Farmers

  1. Dave Larison says:

    What’s funny is that it’s not the Republicans who dream to return to the 1800s lifestyle–it’s radical enviros like Fissinger. These wackos are anti-development at every turn, anti-automobile, and anti-petroleum with all of its useful modern derivatives. Just think Transition Longmont (transition to the horse & buggy days). Pot meet kettle, Fiss.

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