Clay Evans wrote a nice piece recently about cronyism in BOCO politics.

In this lengthy article, there is one sentence about Longmont city councilman Gabe Santos: ” Though in truth, whoever stands in House District 11 may face a stiff challenge from ultra-conservative Republican — and politically skillful — Gabe Santos, now serving on the Longmont City Council; no done deal, that race.”

In all of the commenting that followed, two stood out:

From a “doog”:  “Santos? Really? Tom Delay’s ex office manager? No cronyism THERE. *cough* ”    Really?  After reading this article, all you got out of it was enough to cough up another snide remark about Santos and his former position with Tom Delay?  We get it, really.  You don’t like Delay.  And Santos used to work for Delay.  Therefore, guilt by association, and you don’t like Santos.  We get it.

The other comment was from one “takenote”:  “Thanks for outing Gabe Santos, Clay. In addition to being ultra-conservative, he’s a political sleezebag that learned well at the feet of Tom DeLay, a corrupt felon. ”   “Outing Gabe Santos”???  For what, being ultra-conservative?  GASP!!  Really??  Gosh, you’re right…nobody who follows Longmont politics would ever have guessed that Santos leans right.  I’m glad Clay Evans was able to expose this evilness to you.  But calling him a political sleezebag?  How completely civil and expected from you.  Real eyes realize real lies.  (I DO love that quote…thanks for turning me on to it!)



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