Ironic Hypocrisy

Former mayor Bryan Baum was on the radio recently and said “the more people you get speaking, as far as that goes, the better off it is”.  Of course, he was called out on this by my favorite local fiction writer who continues to insist that Baum wanted nothing less than completely oppressing the freedom of speech of the citizens of Longmont.  After careful examination of the facts, I’ve come to the conclusion that said fiction writer is still upset for being cut off during PITBH at a council meeting a couple of years ago, and he takes it out on former mayor Baum (although the mayor who asked him to stop was not Baum).  It also seems blatantly obvious that Baum had always been happy to hear the public address council on the issues, but what he was tired of (as are many members of the current council, and rightfully so) was the repeated grandstanding and organized commenting by certain members of the community with an axe to grind.  He was trying to make things more efficient at the meetings, nothing more, and anyone with half a brain would realize this.

I’m also not sure where M. Fiction Writer gets his information that republicans voted decisively against Baum.  Again, simply untrue, although I guess “decisively” is subjective enough that one could use it without fear of being proven a complete liar.

It is time to move on from the Baum obsession, M. Fiction Writer.  Real eyes realize real lies.


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