A Response To Teresa Foster, Letter to the Editor 12/24/11

I debated whether or not to respond to Teresa Foster’s letter to the editor in today’s Daily TC, but when FRL posted the letter and highlighted some pretty serious charges against Councilman Gabe Santos, the decision to respond was made really easy.

I do not know Teresa Foster and have nothing against her, as she’s done nothing to me.  I have seen numerous letters from her to various media sources and can conclude that she is a pretty devout environmentalist.  I’ve also seen her name associated with with pretty shady Longmont political activists, which leads me to question her motives somewhat.  But personally, I wouldn’t know Ms. Foster if I were to run into her at the local Green Peace rally, and my response to her is more about the substance of her letter than her character.

In her letter, Ms. Foster claims to have given Councilman Santos a DVD that “contains pertinent information that will help council members understand the consequences of exposure to chemicals resulting from natural gas drilling.”  After the meeting, she claims Santos handed her back the DVD, which she interpreted as bullying her.

First off, my guess is that A) Santos has heard pretty much every argument for and against fracking that anyone has ever come up with, and probably had neither the time nor the desire to sit through an entire DVD that contained information he was already familiar with.  And B) I’m quite sure Santos knows Foster and the position she has taken, and considering she is a frequent poster to a site dedicated to attacking him at every opportunity, is anyone really surprised that Santos didn’t bend over backwards to listen to what she was offering?  He could have just kept the DVD and tossed it afterward, but for whatever reason he didn’t, and what went down between them at that point is something only they know.

And then Ms. Foster claims Santos bullied her.   FRL even went so far as to highlight the definition of bullying for more effect.  This is where I’m very curious as to exactly what each person said, because the simple act of handing a DVD back to someone does not constitute bullying in my mind.  Foster claims Santos “forced her” to take back the DVD.  How, exactly, did he force her to take it I wonder?  Apparently more happened than Santos simply saying “thanks but not thanks”, and Foster taking it and responding “ok, at least I tried”, because Foster claims Santos accused her of  threatening him.

I’m not going to accuse anyone of anything here, and neither should anyone else except Foster or Santos, because no one else knows what exactly was said.  I’d be very curious to hear the rest of the story, though.  Accusing a Councilman of bullying a citizen is a very serious charge, and it would be a shame to think that a local blog is accusing a sitting councilman of it just because he happens to be taking a position that the blog writer opposes.  I suspect the rest of the story will come out soon……


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