Public Invited to be Silent? Not Really

I had a feeling when I heard that (gasp) a council member proposed shortening the initial public invited to be heard that certain local fiction writers would be all over it, and they certainly did not disappoint.  Just like clockwork:

1 – Council member proposes limiting initial time for the sake of efficiency.  Any other times would still be available as needed, and obviously no nefarious reason was intended.

2 – Doug Wray brings up the time when former mayor Baum made a similar proposal, complete with snide remarks and commentary and video clips.

3 – Kaye Fissinger drags Councilman Santos into the mix with the obligatory “page from his playbook” nonsense.

4 – Doug Wray demands that an apology be made.  A private apology isn’t good enough of course.

5 – Kaye Fissinger brings up Western/American Tradition Partnership as the source of all things evil in this world.  Again.

6 – Doug Wray twists the situation into a breach of first amendment and constitutional rights by council members he doesn’t agree with.

It is truly too easy to predict how things will play out from this group.  As usual, you are completely blowing things out of proportion and distorting the real reasoning behind the actions of city council.  This is why no informed person takes your journali…err, blogging, seriously.


To Teresa Foster:  Unfortunately, you’ve taken your stance against fracking and made it about you now.  Do you really believe councilman Santos is not adequately informed about the dangers of fracking?  Why do you think that the DVD you tried to give him contains the holy grail of information that is guaranteed to change the mind of any believer who watches it?  You have every right to your opinion, and I’m sure the entire council is quite aware of it.  But obviously, not everyone agrees with you, including several members of council, and attempting to make a big issue out of a piece of information you tried to disseminate being dismissed does no service to your cause.  From an outsider’s perspective, it appears you simply have some beef against councilman Santos.  Of course, I have no idea of your true intentions (Fissinger and Wray would appear to have the monopoly on opposition mind reading), but that is how it appears.  No information you’ve attempted to pass on is either A) new or B) going to change anyone’s mind, so why not just let it drop?  Your voice has been heard.



One Response to Public Invited to be Silent? Not Really

  1. Dave Larison says:

    You make a good point on Teresa Foster dragging out this stupid DVD issue. Let’s reverse the roles and say Gabe Santos offered a DVD by Rush Limbaugh on the evils of environmentalists against oil companies. Think Foster or Fissinger would so much as touch it? Not a chance.

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