The Public Can Still Be Heard

Some great points being made today’s TC editorial comments about limiting initial PITBH time:

From Bill:
The first night of the newly elected Council PITBH was a manipulated performance to show the new members who is boss; and to enforce the point with the Mayor, who controls the speaking agenda that it is not the voters who make PITBH policy , but Kaye Fissinger. See her take control of Roger Lange’s Council Meetings from his first session as Mayor:

Notice how the police had to restrain her in ” Fissinger assaults Counci” during Mayor Baums”s service< ; . It isn’t that members of Council are trying to cut off free speech; they are trying to put down anarchy that Fissinger represents as a routine element of Longmont governance that is the issue. Will Longmont continue to have a dysfunctional government thanks to Fissiner’s mob manipulation or will it have representative government as the voters have approved?

From NoBoulderNo:
The Public Invited portion of Longmont CC meetings has grown more disfunctional every year. Other cities have had this problem and they’ve come up with various formats to gain reasonable control and maximize council productivity. One idea is to allow a limited amount of public comment on each item throughout the agenda just prior to council discussion. That means one speaks on the item topic only, no soapboxing or political grandstanding.
And from Vigilant.Patriot:
Some seem to think if they repeat the same lies over and over again it will somehow become truth. I see nothing wrong with asking people if what they planned to say has already been said by others, then it would be considerate to pass. Often it is the same people week after week with the same irrational rants.
All great points.  It isn’t about silencing the opposition (although prohibiting the above mentioned malcontent would certainly improve the overall health of Longmont politics in general).  It is about being more efficient and SMART with the use of meeting time, regardless of what the psychics at FRL would try to get you to believe.

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