You Are Part of the Problem

Ms. Fissinger, either you just don’t get it, or you just like to hear yourself talk.   Or possibly both.

Ms. Fissinger posted an article today that pointed out a story about a pet cat belonging to a democratic campaign manager that had been killed in Arkansas, and the word “liberal” was carved into it.  The person who did this truly is vile, and I sincerely hope this person is caught and gets every punishment due him.  Complete waste of a human being.

I would imagine Ms. Fissinger and I agree on the above statements to a large degree.  See how easy that is?  Completely opposing viewpoints coming together, even if over something as sick as this.

But Ms. Fissinger couldn’t stop there.  Before getting to the story about the cat, she felt it necessary to again paint all conservatives with the same broad brush.   Spewing venom.  Degrading.  Targeting those they don’t like.  Lying about our president.  (What’s actually funny is if you change the subjects of her words, she is describing herself verbatim.  But that’s another story).

Love this line:  “There is a poison, a cancer, an evil in our land.  And I don’t know how it’s excised.”  Wow, hyperbole much??  You are almost right, Ms. Fissinger.  With regards to this story, there is indeed an evil person out there, this time in Arkansas.  Why don’t  you point the finger at this person and don’t make it sound like all conservatives agree with and support this “tactic”?   Just like the person who bombs an abortion clinic does not represent all Christians, neither does this scum represent all conservatives.  You come across as an elitist, as someone who wants to divide people into classes so YOU can decide what is fair, and who has temper tantrums when you don’t get what you want.  Therefore, my problem (and that of most rational people) is with YOU, not your political party.   When you confronted Katie Witt during a city council meeting break, that was YOU, not your party. When you disrespect former mayor Baum, or councilman Santos, or businessman Steve Strong, you are demonstrating why YOU are acting inappropriately, not your party.

Have you ever asked yourself…why do I, Ms. Fissinger, spout off like I do?  My belief is that you aren’t really interested in solving problems.  If that were the case,  you’d speak in terms more conducive to actually solving the problem rather than speaking in ways that obviously turn off not just your real target but entire groups of people who very well may agree with you on some points.  No, I think you enjoy hearing yourself speak, and I think you like the attention you get when you speak during PITBH and writing stories at the Fiction ‘Riters of Longmont blog.  Very selfish motive, but if that’s how you roll, then that’s your prerogative.

People who create more problems than they help solve are generally not looked upon kindly by those who see the truth.  Will your eyes ever realize your real lies?


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