Afghanistan Parallels

The recent situation in Afghanistan in which a lone gunman went on a rampage and killed a bunch of Afghan civilians, including women and children, got me thinking about parallels to comments from the overly righteous fiction ‘riters of Longmont.

This gunman clearly acted on his own, and unfortunately he is a member of the US military.  The reactionaries among them (such as Al Queda supporters) are no doubt jumping on the opportunity to blame the entire US military for the actions of one crazy person who also happens to be a member of said military.  The blame, of course, rests on this individual, not the military as a whole.  Blaming the entire military for the actions of this one deranged gunman is doing nothing to help the situation there, just like trying to make the entire group seem like they all have the characteristics of this one person is disingenuous.

This myopic way of looking at things (calling out an entire group based on the behavior of one individual) sounds remarkably similar to the pot stirring tactics and Finger pointing of a couple of Longmont’s more vocal rabble rousers.  In both cases, the cause of the better good is not being advanced.  And in both cases, the guilty are too close minded to care.  If your goal is making the world a better place to live, then you are failing.  Badly.


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