A Response To Allen Peacock – Why I’m A Democrat

A letter to the TC today caught my eye.  I don’t consider myself a democrat, but it interests me to hear why others embrace those viewpoints.  So when I see a letter titled “Why I’m a Democrat”, of course I had to read it, because I truly was curious.

Then I read the very first sentence:  “I have a page-long list of why I’m a Democrat, but one reason strikes me now: Democrats are polite, respectful ladies and gentlemen.”

Wow.  The single biggest reason why you are a democrat is that they are polite, respectful ladies and gentlemen?  I know a lot of democrats, and most of them are great people.  I also know a lot of republicans, and most of them are also great people.  I also know some exceptionally pompous, closed minded and just plain bitter democrats.  And I also know some racist, homophobic and arguably backwards republicans.   The point is, neither party has the monopoly on politeness and respectfulness, and any person who claims their side has it is wearing blinders.

Mr. Peacock also ends his letter with this:  “Democrats prefer to discuss issues.”  Again, by implying that republicans don’t prefer to discuss the issues, you are not being truthful.  Many on both sides are not interested in discussing issues at all…they simply want to put their fingers in their ears and call the other side names.  One need only read a few stories over at the Fiction ‘Riters of Longmont for a great local example of a group that isn’t interested in discussing issues.  Are they the only group that does this?  Of course not.  But again, don’t claim that democrats have the monopoly there.

The real reason you are a democrat is that your views align with those of most democrats, which is perfectly fine and valid.  Kudos if you are one of those that does prefer to discuss the issues and IS polite and respectful, but your letter doesn’t support your argument.


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