Response to Jerry Day – Why I’m a Republican

The response to a recent TC letter entitled “Why I’m a Democrat” got a very quick response today from Jerry Day.

Jerry, you’re close, but unfortunately you are guilty of the same over generalization that Mr. Peacock is.  You gave some great examples that definitely disprove Mr. Peacock’s theory that the democrats and only the democrats are the civil ones.  But unfortunately, there are examples on both sides of really sleazy things that are said and done.

The slimeball politics recently put on display in Longmont by a local left leaning malcontent are not what I consider typical of your average democrat.  Most of the dems I know are indeed very civil and happy to debate, but again, the squeaky wheels and pointed fingers give the rest a bad name.

So Jerry, I’m glad you’re a republican, and I imagine you and I would agree on a great many things.  But don’t fall into the fiction ‘riters trap of making an entire group out to be as bad as a few bitter, closed minded trolls.  We’re bigger than that, and all (I’d even venture to say most) dems aren’t like that.  Lots of dems are out there that are interested in discussing ideas and truly making things better, even if they may disagree with us on the best way to get there.  THOSE are the ones you seek out and have conversations with, not the ones who are too selfish to know any better and are simply more interested in hearing themselves rant.  Those are the ones with whom productive things really CAN be done.


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