Survey Says…

I got a comment the other day from one “takenote” (no idea who this is, but since this user is anonymous, obviously it means she’s a rusty zippered coward.  But I digress.)  The comment read:

“gs, glad to see you’re following me wherever I go. There’s a name for that. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

Not being completely hip to internet speak, I wasn’t sure what the “gs” stood for.  Maybe a shortened form of “geez”?  Typo?  I just wasn’t sure.  But then I saw a tweet from one of the local lefties shortly thereafter:

“Longmont council member worked for Tom DeLay and Roy Blunt, but still thinks he’s “fair and balanced” FOTFL”.

Since I had just cracked a joke about keeping the discussion fair and balanced, I assumed this was directed towards me.  And then it occurred to me…the fiction ‘riters have trouble mentioning Gabe Santos without invoking the name of Tom Delay.  And suddenly, “gs” made sense to me.  In addition to being Bryan Baum, Stephanie Baum, the Rodriguez’s, a representative of the city of Longmont, and many other people, I guess I can now add Gabe Santos to the list.

My apologies to Mr. Santos for invoking the wrath of this woman falsely against you.  I think he’ll understand, though.


2 Responses to Survey Says…

  1. Hi James. I’m just one dude, pretty much unknown in the political circles, who simply decided to start a blog to create a forum for discussion about primarily (but not exclusively) Longmont politics. That’s all this site is meant to be.

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