Now I’ve Seen Everything

I hear my favorite fiction writer is lecturing about civility.  Yet another “the right needs to stop being so gosh darn mean to us” piece, as if the writer is completely innocent and isn’t every bit as nasty as he claims his brethren on the right are.  It really is a must read, for nothing else but to get a glimpse into the twisted mind of this conspiracy theorist.  It really reads like a bad game of Clue, as the author connects his dots to see who is in whose pockets and who from the right has ganged up to defeat the innocent lefties. You won’t be disappointed…the infamous “Let the attacks begin” reference is again referenced….incorrectly.  Maybe if you repeat a lie often enough…? (Insert my favorite Real eyes realize real lies quote here).

I can’t speak to the origins of much of this fairy tale, but I did literally laugh out loud when I read “The fact that the site has gone largely silent during tax season surely seems indicative that the owner is busy just then. Significant glance at Gabe Santos.*”   Is Gabe Santos in the tax business?  I thought Bryan Baum was, and whence the tax reference, but maybe Santos is too.  Either way, the logic, as usual, is incorrect.  My site has just been quiet because there just hasn’t been much to write about lately.  I appreciate you throwing me a bone tonight, though.  Definitely gave me a good laugh.  (Actually, I’ve just been busy counting all the money that the city has been paying me to smear its opponents.  It’s all about cronyism, right? 🙂 )

On another note, Chris Rodriguez’s radio program has been quite entertaining and enlightening at the times I’ve gotten to listen in.  Sure wish Mr. Wray or Ms. Fissinger would debate him on it sometime, but then it doesn’t seem either of them is really interested in a debate in which they can’t censor out everything the opposition says.  Keep up the good work!


*This quote was gracefully taken from Free Range Longmont, and all credit and ridiculousness associated with it belongs to the author of the quoted article, one Mr. M. Douglas Wray.  Longmont Responds is graciously thankful to Mr. Wray for allowing fair use of quoting his article in order to show the context in which it is quoted.


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