This Is How Racism Continues to Thrive

What a sad story coming out of Colorado Springs.  A 2nd grader who was trying to honor Martin Luther King dressed the part and painted his face black for effect.  Unfortunately, this was just a little too close to “black face”, and the boy was asked to leave the school by staffers who said it was offensive.

Seriously?  What better way to keep racism alive than to continue to insist that completely innocent actions are too similar to past actions that WERE considered racist at the time, so therefore they must also be racist now.  The kid meant no harm at all.  Let it go.

But no, to make it all better, the principal is now “reaching out to the local NAACP” to help the good people of her school understand stereotypes and how they can be offensive.  Another great idea.  Let’s make sure that these stereotypes are not allowed to go away so they can continue to be used to demonstrate hyper political correctness whenever the likes of Rev. Al Sharpton feel they need more time in the spotlight.

Let it go, people.  You are not helping solve the situation,  you are making it worse.  There was no racism in this kid’s heart when he did what he did.  That in and of itself should be enough for everyone to take his actions at face value and support the kid for honoring Dr. King, not toss him out of school because you are being too sensitive.


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