Pleased to Meet You!

I must admit, I’m not a terribly avid tweeter, but I certainly try to keep tuned in to the local buzz, particularly around Longmont.  As most Longmontians are, I’m familiar with former councilman Sean McCoy, but have never had any personal interactions with him.  I followed his twitter campaign when he was running for reelection, and noticed some tweets of his relating to former mayor Bryan Baum that frankly really surprised me.  I understand there is no love lost between these two gentlemen, but I was a little taken aback by the almost childish name calling  Mr. McCoy was writing about Mr. Baum while they were sitting on the same council together.

I recently came across Mr. McCoy’s current twitter feed, and unfortunately it sounded a whole lot like his reelection feed did.  Since he’s no longer on council, I tend to give him more slack about what he says about others in town with whom he disagrees.  It doesn’t help the overall general good of Longmont, but it is his right, and so more power to him to speak his mind.   Of course, I am very interested in his views b/c he has been one of the more controversial and outspoken voices in Longmont ever since I’ve become familiar with him.  So I recently started following him on twitter.  This was his response:

@LongmontRespnds Now you, the leader of the insane right is following me on twitter. Right Crazy Blogger. your such a sad little man. LOL

LOL is right.  While I’m flattered that you consider me the “leader of the insane right”, you truly don’t know me, and you obviously don’t realize that I’ve always just been an outsider looking in who has felt that certain things being said around town need responding to.  I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt about your actions and responses to issues and people in town, because I don’t know you, and I know you have been a big target of many local political activists in the past.  Even though I would have expected more restraint from a sitting councilman, hell, I understand you’re human and a lot of things that have been said about you certainly would have pissed anyone off.   The people I tend to be critical of here are the ones who I’ve had personal experience with and who have no desire to debate, only to call people names and fling general insults and untruths.  It is unfortunate that you choose to be in the latter category, since although I disagree with most of your viewpoints, you have always seemed to have been knowledgeable enough to have a great exchange of ideas with.

Mr. McCoy, I’m pleased to finally make your acquaintance.  See ya around!  🙂

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