Is There an Attorney in the House?

Great discussion going on at the TC about the BoCo commissioners race.

Two comments were made that really stand out to me.  First, from Elwood59:  “Endorsed by Freerangelongmont? No vote here! ”  I myself was just thinking that an endorsement by the aforementioned site generally is a very good indicator of the direction that said candidate plans to go if elected.  While that group generally doesn’t hear anything outside of its comfort zone, I do give them credit for doing their candidate research and shining a very bright spotlight on those that share their ideologies (as well as often leveling emotional criticism of those they don’t).  Since I generally don’t have the time to do the exhaustive research on all the candidates that they seem to do, I’m glad that I can at least use their endorsement or criticism of any candidate to give me at least 80% confidence that I should or shouldn’t vote for them.  The remaining research on my part then becomes much easier.

The other comment that stands out is this one from Ms. Fissinger:  “Mr. Tea Party, unless you are an ABA board-certified attorney qualified to argue U.S. Constitutional Law at the appellate or higher level, I am not interested in your armchair philosophies or speculations.”   I was just recently lectured by Ms. Fissinger about how she “never have nor ever will feel required to justify to you and your coterie anything I say. That is reserved for the people whose judgment I value.”   This attorney comment, made to dontreadonus, sums up very nicely her attitude towards anyone in general with whom she disagrees.  I don’t think her position really surprises anyone, but I certainly had to shake my head and smile at the sheer audacity of such a statement coming from her.  I really think this attitude is one of the reasons why politics around these parts have gotten so ugly.  Fortunately, her attitude isn’t typical of all those that share her political ideologies, so there is hope for rational debate from those that really want to make a difference.  And I believe most of Longmont has learned to tune out all the noise.