Doug Graham Connects the Dots Brilliantly

I was happy to see a letter to the editor in today’s Times Call from Doug Graham.  The obvious reaction from the group being called out was both swift and, as usual, just as distorted as always.

The author of the Fiction ‘Riters attack piece on Doug Graham probably broke his arm from patting himself on the back at how quickly he was able to stalk, er, research the background of Mr. Graham.  His ace in the hole was that Mr. Graham USED to work for the IT group of the PARENT company of the TC.  Kevin Bacon had more degrees of separation than that.  An accusation was all but made that accuses the TC of putting this ex-executive up to writing this “attack piece” against the local progressive community.  I’m sure the proof of this exists and will be published shortly by the same accuser.  Regardless, does it matter who he worked for?  His past connection means he has no right to speak up about a group that he feels is misguided, and for the reasons he claims?  Using your own argument and the connections of at least a couple of your main players, none of your opinions would be valid either.  Let’s stop being hypocritical, shall we?

This part gets good, though.  Mr. Graham writes “They “nuke” what they don’t like but otherwise reuse, edit and republish your comments as they please”.  As someone who attempted a respectful rebuttal in the past that was in fact “nuked”, and after seeing others suffer the same fate, I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Graham’s observations.  Ah, but that isn’t really what is happening, is it?  To quote Mr. Wray, they “don’t nuke things we don’t like, we delete comments that come from fake email addresses, attack our authors or use hate speech of any kind”.* Ummm…although twisted quite a bit, the actions are exactly the same.  I’ve mentioned before…the “hate speech” they claim to be so against on their site from the “wingnuts” is just fine when it comes from them.  I guess your vague definition of the term lets you “nuke” what you don’t like with a guilt free conscience, all in the name of ridding the world of hate speech.  Hey, it’s your site, so whatever floats your boat.

The anonymity that is so evil when it comes from an opposing viewpoint is conveniently overlooked when the “anonymous coward” agrees with the Fiction ‘Riters.  Seriously, besides Mr. Wray and Ms. Fissinger, who else announces their real identity on the TC?  Oh I guess Paul Tiger does, but anyone else?  No.  Because they aren’t commenting on the TC?  No.  They prefer to remain anonymous, which is their right and doesn’t make their opinions any less valid.  We all know who “FreeRangeLongmont” and “takenote” are, yet no one takes their opinions as seriously as most of the anonymous users there.

Mr. Graham “nailed it”, as the Fiction ‘Riters are so fond of saying when the attacks come from their corner.  Well said, sir.  Well said.


*This quote is the property of M. Douglas Wray at Free Range Longmont.  All due rights and respect are sent his way for fair use of said quote to illustrate a point.


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