Solving the Conundrum

The author of the Doug Graham story must be eating some serious crow right about now.  After stalking the Doug Graham who recently wrote a scathingly accurate portrayal of the Fiction ‘Riters of Longmont blog, he has suddenly come to the uncomfortable conclusion that…he found the wrong Doug Graham.  Oops.  So I guess all the disgust and claims of bias towards the TC for their “omission” of Mr. Graham’s background was uncalled for, as there apparently really was no background.  Yet another FRL conspiracy epicly debunked.  A big man would apologize for such incorrect accusations, but to use one of his favorite phrases….*crickets*.

His original article and many comments were completely hacked apart once this new information came to light and effectively “nuked” his entire motivation for the article.  He still tries to salvage a shred of dignity, though, by claiming that the Doug Graham he found, who is an ex exec for MediaNews Group, has never read the TC, and thus the reader is left to solve this “conundrum”.  I wonder if the author ever considered that MediaNews Group oversees dozens of newspapers, so is the fact that an exec doesn’t read one of the smaller ones in the group really that much of a stretch?  Not really.

Again, the Fiction ‘Riters of Longmont lives up to its name in spades.  Traffic has spiked on your site b/c you are a curious joke, not because anyone is taking you seriously.  While you may consider yourself to be associated with progressives, thank God you don’t represent the mainstream progressive movement, but are more useful for your entertainment value.  Again, you’ve failed.  Are you man enough to admit it?  *crickets*


One Response to Solving the Conundrum

  1. Wow…this sounds familiar.

    The fiction ‘riter also “wrote” an incorrect article about me when I was working for another large news group (Clarity Media…owned by another mogul he loves to hate on…Phillip Anschutz) then had to retract and delete it (and emailing me, asking me not to sue him) because I informed him he was wrong and that I had summoned the libel lawyers on him.

    He also used a pseudonym of “Wendell Wyler” to do it (and you KNOW how much he whines about others who used pseudonyms).

    More about it:

    (Note to the FRL fiction ‘riter who stalks this blog…I am not related to the writer of Longmont Responds. But, your paranoid tweets are amusing. And this post by LR confirms why people need to use pseudonyms around you. Your investigative journo skills are lacking. )

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