When Substance No Longer Matters

I caught an article on abc news today that really pointed out some sad realities.  The article ominously claims that “ABC has learned that Ann Romney has been given her own secret service detail”.  Is it really that necessary that “ABC has learned” this stunning bit of information, that really is not uncommon at all?

The other sentence that caught my eye was “ABC News was the first to report that Romney was to receive Secret Service protection back in January.”  Really?  Again, who truly cares that ABC was the first to report this?  I suppose when the substance of what you are reporting really is tremendously weak (or untrue as is the case many times from some of our local “progressive news” story tellers), you have to make the effort to pat yourself on the back in hopes that people will care and think you’re a big deal.

If you truthfully report news that people care about, the respect to you will naturally follow.  When one continues to spout half truths, emotional rants, and is more concerned that people know that it was you who created the story rather than the contents of the story itself, well….you’ll get the label you probably deserve.


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