A Great Take on Race in This Election

I found a great article about how race plays into this election.

The article begins by telling how Stacey Dash, an actress of African American and Mexican heritage, was belittled for a tweet she made supporting Romney.  And these weren’t just the run of the mill “stupid”, “1%”, “drinking the Koolaid” kind of insults.  They included lovely terms like “traitor”, “jigaboo”, and “house nigger”.  Classy bunch, those who felt like they needed to respond to her position by using a tactic that many of those same people have no doubt accused Republicans of being…the dreaded “R” word.

Some good points are made that when blacks show pride in their race, it comes from a hard history and is used to show support and band together.  Consequently, there are many blacks who support Obama primarily because he is black.  When whites show pride in their race, it is often viewed as racist.  So how are those people, who will vote for Romney because he is white (and they certainly exist), viewed by society?  Generally they are considered racist.  A double standard?  Certainly by many counts, but when one digs deeper into the reasoning, it also seems very logical that many blacks support blacks because of a history of oppression.

A few of the more outspoken local bloggers take great pleasure in pointing out specific examples of white or Republican racism and using that to show that all whites/Republicans must be racist.  For example, a picture making the rounds that is supposedly from a Romney rally shows a man with a shirt that says “Put the white back in white house”.  A local activist responded with a tweet showing that picture and saying “And the Repugs insist they aren’t racist.  BS!”.  Is this guy racist?  Damn right he is, no doubt about it.  Is he contributing to the greater good with his shirt?  Not in the least.  Does Romney agree with his message?  Not in the least.  Are all Republicans racist?  Ummm, no.  This is an example of a racist bad apple who apparently is also Repbublican.

Former Longmont city council member Sean McCoy often likes to tweet about how Republicans “can’t stand a black man in a white house”.  If he was just talking about this guy in the above picture, then he’s got a point.  But to continue to insist that everyone against Obama is not only “immoral”, “sad”, “shit for brains” in addition to racist is just plain ridiculous and makes you look incredibly immature and uneducated.  Is it contributing to the greater good?  Not in the least.  Do statements like this from these two activists actually say more about their own character than that of those they are trying to belittle?  Absolutely, and those same statements also make any other statements they say all the less credible.

There are racist Republicans, and there are racist Democrats.  The people tweeting against Stacey Dash are no less racist than the guy with the shirt, but it is still not right to say that because of those tweets, that means that all Democrats are racist.  Those who try to incite class and racial warfare by generalizing about a few misguided souls are just as dangerous, if not more so, to the overall goal of harmony on Earth.

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